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Mar-Apr 2013 - Vol. 2 No. 2 - Page #16

EMR Interface
EMRHub from Lifepoint Informatics connects more than 200 different EMR companies through a virtual integration platform. EMRHub requires only one interface to a lab’s LIS enabling users to reach every EMR in a provider community. The platform is compatible with any EMR, seamlessly processing between existing systems and physician EMRs. Additionally, it eliminates the need for custom point-to-point interfaces, costly interface engine hardware, and the IT staff required to develop and support them.

Lifepoint Informatics
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Data Recording
Lascar data loggers from CAS DataLoggers and Lascar Electronics, now available in black, provide a low-cost and user-friendly solution for stand-alone data recording of temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and carbon monoxide. The built-in USB interface makes it easy for users to connect to a PC for setup and downloading critical data. The solution includes the new EasyLog WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers, which automatically communicate readings back to a PC using a WiFi network, instantly registering alarm breaches on both the device and the PC screen. Users can rely on Lascar loggers to maintain reports on the surrounding temperature and humidity, monitoring temperatures from -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F), and configuring alarm capabilities.

CAS Dataloggers
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Precision Dispenser Parts
Ceramaret manufactures high precision pistons, ball and seat valves, piston/cylinders, and other custom-made parts for high-pressure pumps, pipettes, metering pumps, and other precision dispensers used in the lab. The surface finish quality is highly polished to better than 1 micro-inch. Parts are made to each customer’s specification and are also available in standard sizes. High purity alumina and TZP zirconia are the most commonly used ceramics to create these parts. HIP treatment is available on request for zirconia pistons. All parts are made 100% in-house to guarantee the quality of the material at all stages of the manufacturing process. Typical applications of parts are for high-pressure pumps for analytical instruments, micro-pumping devices for the laboratory, and any application where high precision and outstanding finishes are required.

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Plasticware for Laboratory Use
Greiner Bio-One announces a new agreement with the Premier Healthcare Alliance to provide BioScience general plasticware to all Premier members in North America at specially negotiated pricing and terms. The Bioscience product line will be available for use in day-to-day clinical and research operations, and has been added to the extensive listing of clinical and safety products already being supplied by Greiner Bio-One. Premier is a performance improvement alliance of more than 2,600 US hospitals and more than 86,000 other sites using the power of collaboration and technology to lead the transformation to coordinated, high-quality, cost-effective care. Greiner Bio-One provides product manufacturing, distribution logistics, and product application support to clinical laboratories performing IVD testing, research laboratories at universities, startup companies, and to the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations. Greiner Bio-One’s products consist of blood collection systems, microwell plates, cell culture dishes, plates and flasks, and other general labware products specifically related to the medical research field.

Greiner Bio-One North America
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Cryopreservation Reagents for Cell Culture
Thermo Fisher Scientific expands its suite of cryopreservation reagents with the introduction of the HyClone, HyCryo, and HyCryo-STEM cryopreservation media, enabling users to maximize the preservation, recovery, and growth of post-thaw cells for general cell culture and stem cell applications. The HyCryo media is a serum-free, animal-component-free product intended for cryogenic preservation and storage of standard cell lines. Designed specifically for stem cell applications, the HyCryo-STEM enhances cell recovery and post-thaw growth of pluripotent stem cells and neural progenitor cells. The serum-free formulation maintains differentiation potential and minimizes spontaneous differentiation of stem cells. HyCryo and HyCryo-STEM are designed to easily integrate into a user’s existing cell culture workflow and processes. Users can simply add the HyCryo cryopreservation media directly to prepared cells and transfer to a Thermo Scientific Nunc Cryovial for sample integrity during freezing and long-term storage.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Vitamin D Control
Fujirebio Diagnostics announces its Vitamin D control to assist in quality control for Vitamin D assays. The control contains both 25(OH) Vitamin D2 and 25(OH) Vitamin D3 and is intended for use as a quantitative, assayed serum control. The Fujirebio Diagnostics Vitamin D control has excellent stability, value assignment across platforms, and has clinically relevant levels, which enables the laboratory to monitor the precision of its Vitamin D assays.

Fujirebio Diagnostics
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Lyme Disease Testing
Improve Lyme disease confirmation testing with easy-to-use line immunoassay (LIA) test strips from Gold Standard Diagnostics. The GSD LIA strips offer simple procedure, intuitive interpretation, easy handling, durability, sharply-defined antigen strips, and easy automation. The LIA strips contain specific Borrelia burgdorferi antigen proteins that serve as markers for general infection and for specific disease stages, including early, disseminated, and late stage. GSD’s IgG and IgM LIA strips satisfy CDC recommendations for confirmation testing. GSD also offers the sensitive, polyvalent EIA screen that the CDC recommends as the first step in diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Gold Standard Diagnostics
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Microfluidic Valves
Microfluidic valves with Twin Power technology from Bürkert Life Science are now available in three sizes: 10 mm, 16 mm, and 22 mm. Twin Power technology combines the industry-proven rocker principle with a highly innovative new actuator. This dual-solenoid design allows the use of a smaller valve with lower power consumption and improved reliability, without sacrificing performance. Twin Power valves have the flow and pressure resistance typically found in larger valves, making them ideal for applications where space is critical or higher performance is needed. The 10 mm Twin Power valve is available with an orifice size up to 1.6 mm and pressure resistance up to 5-bar (73 psi). The 16 and 22 mm Twin Power valves are available with a 3.0 mm orifice, with pressure resistance up to 2-bar (29 psi) for the 16 mm valve and up to 5-bar (73psi) for the 22 mm valve.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
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In Vitro Diagnostic Devices
AB SCIEX introduces the API 3200MD and 3200MD QTRAP LC/MS/MS systems, two devices that can be used to analyze trace levels of multiple compounds in human samples. Mass spectrometry is an analytical technology that has the potential to improve the quality of results for use in clinical diagnostics while reducing costs. The devices identify inorganic or organic compounds in human specimens for clinical use. AB SCIEX obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification in 2012. ISO 13485:2003 is a standard that represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

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Urine Chemistry Control
AUDIT MicroControls introduces the AUDIT MicroFD Urine Chemistry Control with two levels. The control is intended to simulate human patient samples for the purpose of monitoring the precision of laboratory testing procedures for urine chemistry assays: amylase, calcium, chloride, creatinine, glucose, magnesium, microalbumin, microprotein, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, urea nitrogen, and uric acid. Each level is packaged as two sets of five 3 mL vials. This lyophilized product has a shelf life of two years and a reconstituted stability of six days for Set 1 and ten days for Set 2 when stored at 2°C to 8°C.

AUDIT MicroControls, Inc
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Lab Supplies
For over 15 years Acute Care Pharmaceuticals has been servicing the health care industry by delivering products and services to health care providers nationwide. As of January 2013, Acute Care Pharmaceuticals has opened a new Lab Supplies Division. Now hospitals can purchase both cleanroom disposables and lab supplies from a single source eliminating the trouble of using multiple vendors. For more information and GPO pricing, contact an Acute Care sales representative.

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals
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Hand-Held Semi-automatic Pipettor
Hamilton’s Microlab 300 Series Pipettor is a guided pipetting system that provides an automated liquid handling system without complex programming. The Microlab 300 enables technicians to easily create, save, and execute complete pipetting applications. The system’s user-friendly software allows technicians to adjust pipetting parameters for superior liquid handling of challenging liquids. Through Hamilton’s ClickSure tips and Liquid Classes, the instrument delivers accuracy by enabling users to fine-tune pipetting speeds and delays for each liquid used. The design of the Microlab 300 system replaces the three to four manual or electronic pipettes and tip sizes required for pipetting with one, lightweight Disposable Tip Hand Probe and two ClickSure tip sizes. The digital volume and speed adjustment reduce sample preparation time by eliminating manual adjustment as well as pipette exchange steps.

Hamilton Company
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Vacuum Pumps
KNF LABOPORT’s corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps are available for a wide variety of laboratory applications involving rotary evaporation, vacuum ovens, and gel drying. The compact diaphragm pumps integrate corrosion-resistant PTFE wetted parts for added protection and longer service life, condensate-resistant multi-port FFPM valves, and PTFE-bonded diaphragms. The pumps use no pump oil, operate without maintenance or water requirements, and perform quietly and reliably, even when continuously running corrosive solvent vapors. The pumps are lightweight and portable, allowing users to easily move them wherever a vacuum is required. The pumps can handle the most aggressive vapors and can tolerate occasional condensate and other abuse typically encountered in busy labs, without damage. Users also can quickly connect pumps to systems via a vacuum hose without using tools.

KNF Neuberger, Inc
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Lab Information Management System
Starfruit Toxicology Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) & QA from Data Unlimited International (DUI) is a system of sample-tracking software/database, computer network, and bar code label printer for laboratories. After receiving the physicians’ test requisitions, and analyzing the patient specimens, the Starfruit interprets the results as consistent or inconsistent based on the prescription, and disseminates the results electronically. Benefits include streamlined operations, as laboratories can use the databases to translate among trade names, generic names, and drug classes. The system allows laboratories to avoid human or clerical errors in the interpretation of patient outcomes. Finally, the system helps to comply with good laboratory practice and prepares labs to be ready for inspection at anytime.

Data Unlimited International Inc
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Hemoglobin A1c Testing
Dropper A1c Diabetes Control from Quantimetrix is a liquid, human blood-based control for laboratory and point-of-care hemoglobin A1c testing. Dropper A1c features three years frozen stability (from date of manufacture) and six months of refrigerated open vial stability for reduced waste. It also features dropper bottles for easy dispensing. The Diabetes Control system provides 21 days of open vial room temperature stability, eliminating storage problems and providing maximum portability for sites without refrigeration. It is designed for use with most major immunoassay and boronate affinity laboratory and POCT analyzers.

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