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September-October 2014

Bar Code Reader for Tube Racks
For laboratories with manual workflows that need an efficient, high-speed 2D bar code reader for tube racks, the LabElite I.D. Reader from Hamilton Storage... Read more
Combined Urinalysis Control
Streck introduces UA-Cellular Complete, a urinalysis control with both chemistry analytes and cellular components to more closely mimic a patient sample.... Read more
Immunoassay Control for Vitamin D Testing
The FDA has cleared Randox\'s Immunoassay Premium Plus quality control for use in US laboratories. A multi-analyte control, it combines 52 analytes, including... Read more
Line Immunoassay Technology for Lyme Testing
Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD), announces new Line Immunoassay technology for Lyme confirmation testing, giving clinical laboratories an FDA-cleared option... Read more
Linearity FD General Chemistry
The Linearity FD General Chemistry (for Alfa Wassermann), 5 levels from AUDIT MicroControls is intended to simulate human patient serum samples for the... Read more
Mobile Centrifuge Controls
Avanti JXN-26 centrifuges from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can be run from an Apple iOS or Android device using MobileFuge, a mobile application available... Read more
Occurrence Tracking Information System
Nouvation recently released an upgrade of its OTIS-Laboratory software system--OTIS 8--to help laboratories drive process improvement and comply with CAP... Read more
Proteinase-3 (cANCA) Native Auto-Antigen
The Binding Site announces the availability of a Proteinase-3 (cANCA) native auto-antigen for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). Designed for use in solid phase... Read more

July-August 2014

Assayed Quality Control Material
AUDIT MicroControls announces a new addition to their complete line of calibration verification/linearity products, the Linearity FD D-Dimer PATHFAST Immunoanalyzer,... Read more
Centrifuge Rotor
Designed for applications that use common, disposable conical tubes, JA-14.50 rotors from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can be used in Avanti J-26S, J-30I,... Read more
Conferences from Mayo Medical Laboratories
Utilization Management 2014: Demonstrating and Delivering Value Join Mayo Medical Laboratories as they focus on the initiatives and practical how-to approaches... Read more
Conferences from Mayo Medical Laboratories
Leveraging the Laboratory: Outreach Acceleration Outreach acceleration has become critical to helping facilitate physician integration and generate needed... Read more
HIV Diagnostic Assays
Chembio Diagnostics announces the launch of its Chembio HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK Assay and its corresponding HIV Rapid Test Control Pack, as well as the proprietary... Read more
Real Blood Glucose Control
CueSee Glucose from Eurotrol is a real blood control for validating the precision and accuracy of glucose meters. Its real blood matrix makes the control... Read more
Testing Free Testosterone with Direct Detection
Compared to indirect, multi-step testing algorithms, FDA-cleared, single-step, direct ELISA measurement of Free Testosterone from Gold Standard Diagnostics... Read more

May-June 2014

Automated Sample Decapping, Recapping, and ID
Hamilton Storage Technologies announces the launch of its LabElite line of benchtop devices, offering laboratories an easy and efficient way to automatically... Read more
Biological Safety Cabinets
The NuAire LabGard ES (Energy Saver) and CellGard ES brand of Class II biological safety cabinets offer proper ergonomics to help reduce effort and improve... Read more
Blood Gas Analyzer
Nova Biomedical introduces its Stat Profile Prime, a new blood gas analyzer that combines microelectronics with Nova\'s ZERØ maintenance cartridge... Read more
Chemically-Modified Taq Polymerase
Empirical Bioscience (formerly known as Syzygy Biotech), introduces FlashTaq Hot-Start Taq DNA Polymerase, a chemically-modified Taq polymerase designed... Read more
Flow Cytometry System
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for the in vitro diagnostic use of its Navios flow cytometry system. The flow... Read more
Homocysteine Assay
The Randox Homocysteine assay offers laboratories a convenient two-part, liquid, ready-to-use option for the accurate determination of homocysteine concentrations... Read more
Immunoaffinity Sample Preparation
Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA) pipette tips are a collection of immunoaffinity sample preparation products. Robust MSIA technology... Read more
Laboratory Outreach System
CompuGroup Medical, developer of the CGM LABDAQ laboratory information system, announces its CGM LABNEXUS laboratory outreach solution. The solution provides... Read more
Low-TOC Sampling Swabs
Berkshire\'s two new sampling swabs have a unique, semi-flexible internal paddle design providing greater surface coverage and a grooved handle for improved... Read more
Spinal Fluid Reference Control
AUDIT MicroControls, Inc announces an addition to their complete line of daily quality control products—the Control LQ Spinal Fluid (Item Number:... Read more
Upright Freezers
Follett\'s new line of single door, upright freezers provides features including cabinet-wide cooling and user-programmable monitoring and alarming. The... Read more

March-April 2014

Chemical Packing and Management
Clean Harbors\' CleanPack Services offer economically and environmentally sound disposal options for laboratory chemical waste. The services\' staff of... Read more
Environmentally-Friendly PCR Reagent
Syzygy Biotech introduces rEVAlution qPCR Master Mix, an environmentally safe, ready-to-use hot-start qPCR mixture specifically formulated with quality... Read more
Enzyme Immunoassay
The FDA-cleared Helicobacter pylori enzyme immunoassay (EIA) from Gold Standard Diagnostics offers improved specificity and sensitivity for the clinical... Read more
Liquid Bi-level Reference Control
AUDIT MicroControls announces a new addition to its complete line of daily quality control products, the Control LQ Glycohemoglobin A1c—a liquid... Read more
Microfuge 20 and 20R microcentrifuges from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are efficient, easy to use, and designed to meet the specific requirements of... Read more
Microplate Instruments
Thermo Fisher Scientific\'s microplate photometer and microplate strip washer provide a simple, modular solution to maximize results for routine enzyme-linked... Read more
Pre-saturated Isopropyl Wipes
CiDehol 70 Wipes from Decon Labs are pre-saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% USP-grade water. These wipes are designed to clean hard surfaces,... Read more
Rapid Response Blood Thermometer
Hampshire Controls\' Temp-Check thermometer measures the temperature of plasma, red blood cells, cryoprecipitate, and other blood components, and makes... Read more
Tabletop Centrifuge
NuAire offers the Hitachi himac CS150NX tabletop micro ultracentrifuge—a compact device that saves laboratory space and is suitable for use with... Read more
Test Tube Cavity Probe Adapter
Cooper-Atkins\' TempTrak Test Tube Cavity Probe Adapter (#10186), used in conjunction with TempTrak wireless transmitters, automates the process of verifying... Read more
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Transmitter
Vaisala has launched a new wireless version of its Continuous Monitoring System—the HMT140. This version allows for true wireless monitoring, alarming,... Read more

January-February 2014

Blood Bank Occurrence Tracking System
The OTIS Blood Bank 8.0 from Nouvation is a comprehensive occurrence tracking information system that enables process improvement and regulatory compliance... Read more
Multi-purpose Liquid Pipetting Platform
Hamilton Robotics introduces the Hamilton VANTAGE, a flexible, multi-purpose pipetting platform featuring a completely new linear motor design and contact-free... Read more
Vitamin D Total ELISA
Gold Standard Diagnostics recently announced 510k FDA Clearance of its 25-OH Vitamin D, Total ELISA. The competitive assay strongly correlates with established... Read more

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