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June 2019

Immune Cell Types Family of Assays

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applied Biosystems PureQuant Assays from Thermo Fisher Scientific accurately identify and quantify specific immune cell types in a mixed population of cells. Designed for in-process and release testing of cell-based therapeutics, these assays measure genomic DNA methylation at sites that are unique to a specific immune cell type. With standards and controls built into each assay, they are ready to be seamlessly integrated into cell therapy workflows. Key benefits include proven performance, as the core technology has been used for identification and quantification of immune cell types for more than a decade; easy standardization, in that the qPCR method enables consistent results across multiple users, instruments, and sites; and established performance specifications following ICHQ2(R1) guidelines. To provide scheduling flexibility, the assay can be performed using fresh or frozen cells/gDNA.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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