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July-August 2019

Compact Mass Spectrometer

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

The MALDImini-1 from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is a compact MALDI digital ion trap mass spectrometer that can fit in a small space while allowing fast, high-sensitivity measurements and detailed structural and qualitative analyses over a wide mass range, even with sub-microliter sample volumes. Its Digital Ion Trap (DIT) technology (along with its laser optics, sample stage, and vacuum exhaust system) reduces the space needed for the device. The compact size and corresponding lower power requirements allow it to be plugged into a conventional AC power supply. Users can place the MALDImini-1 on a workbench and check MS results next to the sample preparation area, allowing for a more convenient workflow. Sample and matrix are simply spotted on the sample plate, dried, and loaded into the instrument. Analysis can begin in as few as five minutes.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

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