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December 2021

Pipette Tips

Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One offers a new generation of Sapphire pipette tips, which are designed to provide the flexibility necessary for everyday liquid handling in laboratories. Made of medical polypropylene, the tips offer a universal fit on most standard pipettes and are available in standard, filter, low-retention, and filter low-retention versions. By minimizing the adhesion of sample material on the inside of the tip, the low-retention surface aims to ensure precision, even with viscous or complex samples. Designed to prevent the transfer of biological material and aerosols, the tips help prevent negative effects to the accuracy of the volume being pipetted. The new Sapphire tips are available in eight sizes with volumes ranging from 10 µL to 1250 µL (including an extended 10 µL tip for smaller volumes), and are supplied in racks or bags, or as refill units.

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