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December 2021

Diabetes Quality Control

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc

Bio-Rad Laboratories releases a newly enhanced version of Liquichek Diabetes Control, part of its family of quality controls designed to monitor the precision of hemoglobin testing associated with diabetes monitoring. The Liquichek Diabetes Control comes in three levels to address the HbA1c precision monitoring needs of a wide range of test methods. The product is available in standard glass vial and bar coded compact glass vial configurations to support testing workflows across major HbA1c analyzers. The control includes a 3-year shelf life and 45-day open-vial stability for the standard vial, and 30-day open-vial stability for the compact vial. This capability helps to eliminate the need for multiple vials for daily quality control (QC), which can save time and reduce storage costs. The system can be combined with Bio-Rad’s Unity QC data management system to support patient care throughout the process of diabetes testing.

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