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May 2019

Isotype-Specific Secondary Antibodies

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc

Bio-Rad Laboratories announces a new range of recombinant monoclonal antibodies, directed against the three main mouse isotypes (IgG1, IgG2a, and IgG2b), offering improved signal detection and specificity in imaging, ELISA, flow cytometry, and western blotting. The selection of an optimal secondary antibody can improve positive signals in addition to reducing false positive or negative staining. Recombinant monoclonal isotype-specific secondary antibodies detect individual isotypes, without species or isotype cross-reactivity, enabling multiple unlabeled mouse monoclonal antibodies of differing isotypes to be used simultaneously. This obviates the need to source secondary antibodies from other species. The isotype-specific antibodies offer an alternative to cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies when absolute specificity is required, for instance, during multiplexing or to prevent nonspecific background staining.


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