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Workflow Drives Anatomic Pathology Design
By Sandy Mullay, MT(ASCP); Theodore R. Newell, AIA, NCARB, AABB; Jeffrey Prichard, DO; and Sara Eastman, AIA

Anatomic pathology (AP) has a profound impact on patient treatment strategies. Advances in both science and technology are revolutionizing AP practice and therefore, the planning and design of the anatomic pathology suite. Anatomic pathology work- flow continues to evolve from a highly manual process to more automated processes involving the preparation of microscopic slides for pathologist examination and interpretation.

The ongoing march of AP automation is incorporating molecular diagnostic technology and bioinformatics, as well as whole-slide digital microscopy for instantaneous delivery throughout a health care network for computer aided image analysis. As greater value is placed on clinical information gained from digital and molecular pathology testing, unique workflow challenges are created as traditional tissue diagnosis is merged with the latest technologies and techniques.

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Do You Know . . .
The best new methods for evaluating patients with potential IBS?

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Editor’s Pick

Laboratory Staffing and a Faltering Connection
By Hollie Bearce, MS, MLS(ASCP); Kathleen Spiegel, PhD, MT(ASCP); and Rachel Hulse, MS, MLS(ASCP)

CLICK HERE to read Laboratory Staffing and a Faltering Connection by Hollie Bearce, MS, MLS(ASCP), Kathleen Spiegel, PhD, MT(ASCP), and Rachel Hulse, MS, MLS(ASCP). The authors discuss the results of a survey designed to gauge the connection between practicing laboratorians and students, emphasize the need to nurture and maintain that connection, and offer suggestions on how to accomplish such tasks to help ensure the future of the profession.

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