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Integrating Laboratory Outreach Across the Health System
By Jane M. Hermansen, MBA, MT(ASCP)

The strong, nationwide trend toward health system formation persists. From small, regional systems comprised of several hospitals and affiliated providers, to mega-systems with dozens of locations delivering national coverage, health systems realize benefits and competitive advantages from increases in size and scope.

CLICK HERE to read more about how as health system consolidation continues, laboratory outreach must be leveraged to retain laboratory testing within our health systems and aid in the local provision of integrated patient care.

Do You Know . . .
The best strategies for launching a cost of poor quality (CoPQ) initiative?

CLICK HERE to read Tips for a Successful Cost of Poor Quality Initiative by Jennifer Dawson, MHA, DLM(ASCP), FACHE, LSSBB; and Christina Nickel, MHA, MLS(ASCP), CPHQ, for expert advice on determining the CoPQ at your facility and how best to address this issue.

Editor’s Pick

Developing Technologies Support Proteogenomics
Aaron E. Atkinson, PhD; Laura J. Tafe, MD; Edward G. Hughes, PhD; and Gregory Tsongalis, PhD

CLICK HERE to read Developing Technologies Support Proteogenomics by Aaron E. Atkinson, PhD; Laura J. Tafe, MD; Edward G. Hughes, PhD; and Gregory Tsongalis, PhD, wherein the authors discuss how many clinical labs already are performing proteogenomics in its basic form, but are poised to readily adopt developing technologies as they become clinically viable.

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