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Implementation of a Phlebotomy Career Ladder
By Linda Pacetti, MBA, MT(ASCP)

The practice of phlebotomy is integral to all clinical laboratory operations; one that has always required an intimate interaction with patients, many of whom may be experiencing very challenging circumstances. In this regard, phlebotomy remains as perhaps the most front-facing action of the clinical lab, and despite the relative simplicity of phlebotomy in a vacuum, the process can be unexpectedly challenging. As with many rote processes in the lab, phlebotomy is expected to be performed flawlessly, thereby producing wholly viable samples for clinical testing; yet phlebotomists are rarely given appropriate recognition or opportunities to distinguish themselves professionally. As all seasoned laboratorians from the director to the bench tech know: qualified, sensitive, experienced, and reliable phlebotomists are indispensible to clinical laboratory operations.

CLICK HERE to read more about building and implementing a phlebotomy career ladder at your facility to increase safety, and boost staff ownership and morale.

Do You Know . . .
How to safely use and maintain your biological safety cabinets?

CLICK HERE to read our Q&A with Daniel Scungio, MT(ASCP)SLS, CQA(ASQ), wherein we discuss the protections offered by BSCs, common user-safety issues, regulatory requirements, and overall maintenance.

Editor’s Pick

Improving CBC Utilization
By Richard Cole, MT(ASCP)

CLICK HERE to read Improving CBC Utilization by Richard Cole, MT(ASCP), which discusses the evolution of this methodology, from technologists performing hand counts, to the implementation of automation for complete cell counts, as well as the development of the first automated slide differential counters, followed by three-part differentials as part of the automated count. Now with 5-part differentials with basic review of RBC and platelet morphology commonplace, the need for proper utilization is more important than ever.

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