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TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems from Swisslog Healthcare TransLogic pneumatic tube systems (PTS) from Swisslog Healthcare can enable lab professionals to spend their time operating at the top of their licensing scope instead of transporting samples. The system transports specimens to the lab quickly and reliably, allowing for substantial chain-of-custody control through the fully integrated... Read more
An automation workhorse in laboratories of all sizes, coagulation analyzers are universally used and are essential to most laboratory operations. A strong combination of high satisfaction ratings and planned acquisitions is a testament to the heavy use of these instruments and their steadfast place in clinical operations. The benefits of automated clot detection, assessment of clotting factors, and... Read more
Q&A with Eugenio Zabaleta, PhD OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital Mansfield, Ohio   MedicalLab Management: Given the unknowns introduced by the Coronavirus pandemic, how has influenza testing been affected in your institution? Eugenio Zabaleta: If we analyze the historical data from various influenza seasons in the past, we know each season is different and presents unique challenges,... Read more
It would be difficult to describe the working conditions in medical laboratories over the past year as anything less than serious. Despite an outpouring of well wishes and well-deserved appreciation from the general public, most laboratorians know that for many of their colleagues, every day has presented unprecedented challenges to the maintenance of a healthy work/life balance. Many health care... Read more
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