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The value of medical-grade refrigeration equipment in clinical settings is well documented with vital applicability in the laboratory, blood bank, and other practice locations. Devices engineered specifically for storing and maintaining blood products, reagents, and patient samples can have a strongly positive impact on operations by ensuring the conditions necessary for viability remain intact at... Read more
  Q&A with John Park, MS, MT(ASCP) Director of Laboratory Services The Valley Hospital   Medical Lab Management: What are the essential operations taking place at your outpatient laboratory? John Park: The essential services provided in our outpatient laboratory include basic blood work and other body fluid and solid analyses, such as urinalysis and stool samples. Some... Read more
Q&A with Dan Scungio, MT(ASCP), SLS, CQA(ASQ) Laboratory Safety Officer Sentara Healthcare     Medical Lab Management: As we are now over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, how has lab waste been impacted over the last 12 months? Dan Scungio: While there were several new COVID-19 testing platforms (PCR and otherwise), their introduction did not create any new waste streams.... Read more
The ubiquitous business acronym—ROI—is most commonly interpreted as Return on Investment; the natural expectation of a process improvement initiative, whether that applies to financial return or some other defined return metric, such as improved patient outcomes. Yet for many laboratories, even after major capital investments and expenditures, ROI ends up as rarely obtained information. For... Read more
TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems from Swisslog Healthcare TransLogic pneumatic tube systems (PTS) from Swisslog Healthcare can enable lab professionals to spend their time operating at the top of their licensing scope instead of transporting samples. The system transports specimens to the lab quickly and reliably, allowing for substantial chain-of-custody control through the fully integrated... Read more

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