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In today’s competitive health care environment, it is no secret that hospitals and other health care providers are constantly looking for ways to lower expenses. According to a recent Black Book survey,1 the average hospital will need to reduce its costs by 24 percent by 2022, just to break even. Many hospital cost structures have become unsustainable and, as a result, nearly every provider... Read more
Cytogenetics is the science of chromosome structure, behavior, and role in inheritance. It was first described by Walther Flemming in the late 1800s when he demonstrated that chromosomes are threadlike structures correlating with chromatin. As the science and practice of cytogenetics continued to evolve into the 20th and 21st centuries, it has become an important branch of medical genetics. This... Read more
Q&A with Robert A. DeSimone, MD Director of Transfusion Medicine New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine   Medical Lab Management: What trends have you seen regarding blood product utilization over the last 15 months? Robert DeSimone: When the pandemic began, hospitals faced a mild shortage as blood drives ceased operating due to social distancing mandates and general... Read more
Q&A with Cindy Keyak, MHA, MT(ASCP), SSGBand Nadine Ali, BS, MT(ASCP) Alverno Laboratories MedicalLab Management: What is the driving force behind your laboratory’s microbiology practice? Cindy Keyak & Nadine Ali: As has been common throughout the country in the last two decades, merging hospitals and health systems have enabled growth in laboratory diagnostics volumes (among... Read more

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