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  The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust clinical laboratories into the media with a spotlight on testing strategies and any shortcomings in those strategies. Much of this attention has been focused on the use of molecular diagnostics that can detect the presence of current (molecular or antigen testing) or past (serologic testing) COVID-19 infection. While understandable, this intense focus... Read more
  The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that laboratories perform a job risk assessment for each position in the laboratory and update it annually. This includes determining each employee’s risk level for exposure to bloodborne pathogens as part of their general duties. Task and instrument assessments for risk likewise are required by OSHA. Individual... Read more
Given that nearly all clinical laboratories rely on reference laboratories for some testing services, effort must continue in creating efficiencies between in-house processes and technology, and those of outsourced service providers. Utilization of reference laboratory services is strongest among those facilities outsourcing 10%-30% of total testing workloads. Whether providing relief for high-volume... Read more
Q&A with Danyel H. Tacker, PhD, D(ABCC), FAACC Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry & Mass Spectrometry CLIA Medical Director of Blood Gas Laboratories WVU Hospitals Medical Lab Management: In June of 2020, you were tasked with deploying a new satellite laboratory operation at a small hospital proximate to your larger facilities in Morgantown, West Virginia. Can you provide... Read more
More and more clinical laboratories are taking advantage of purpose-designed and built, medical-grade refrigeration technology. While there are a wide range of clinical capacities and locations that require durable and reliable refrigerated storage, it is the advanced features of medical-grade devices that are so appealing to laboratory directors and the several pathology and laboratory disciplines... Read more

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