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The value of medical-grade temperature control and comprehensive temperature monitoring can fade into the background until an unexpected event (such as a power failure), or an expected event (such as a laboratory inspection) brings it to light. As hospital laboratories grow in scope and physical size, tightly maintaining certain temperatures becomes critical to the widespread integrity of blood products,... Read more
As the laboratory industry has evolved over the last decade, the utilization of requests for proposal (RFPs) has ballooned in frequency. This process has largely coincided with the ongoing consolidation and standardization of large hospital networks, physician-led practices, and national reference lab providers. Regardless of practice, the process of acquiring new technology has been challenged... Read more
In my long experience, clinical laboratory directors have looked forward to inspections of their operations with the same basic dread that accompanies public speaking or a letter from the IRS. Yet, the degree of this inspection anxiety has puzzled me over the course of my career. Having been on both sides of the clipboard through some 20 inspections, I have often thought they can be taken a bit... Read more
In today’s competitive health care environment, it is no secret that hospitals and other health care providers are constantly looking for ways to lower expenses. According to a recent Black Book survey,1 the average hospital will need to reduce its costs by 24 percent by 2022, just to break even. Many hospital cost structures have become unsustainable and, as a result, nearly every provider... Read more

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