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The PS-10 sample preparation system for flow cytometry from Sysmex offers advanced development in automated, standardized, and flexible sample preparation for complex and routine flow applications. The system’s capabilities aim to alleviate bottlenecks in the busy clinical flow cytometry laboratory, while providing flexibility for the creation of complex, laboratory-performed tests. Offering... Read more
The implementation of medical-grade refrigerators and freezers is on the rise in clinical laboratories of all sizes. And while there can be great variation in the clinical scope of need for advanced refrigeration devices, that all clinical labs can benefit from the modern conveniences these devices provide. Strict and consistent temperature control is critical to numerous laboratory functions, and... Read more
Q&A with Tabetha Sundin, PhD, HCLD(ABB), MB(ASCP)CMScientific Director, Molecular Diagnostics and SerologySentara Healthcare MedicalLab Management: What is the structure and benefit of pathologist-driven reflex testing in oncology? Tabetha Sundin: Pathologist-driven reflex testing involves a pathologist establishing a predefined order for specific cancer types or when a standing... Read more
Q&A with Eugenio H. Zabaleta, PhDClinical ChemistOhioHealth Mansfield Hospital   MedicalLab Management: How would you describe the utility of blood cultures to the clinical diagnosis of sepsis? Eugenio Zabaleta: Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming systemic response to an infection that arises in the bloodstream; a condition that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, amputations,... Read more
Chemistry analyzers and integrated chemistry automation is common in clinical laboratories of all sizes, the scope and sophistication of which depends largely on volume. While the bulk of facilities use medium and high-volume instruments, many facilities incorporate low-volume analyzers into their workflow to scale testing to demand. Today’s chemistry analyzers tackle a number of functions... Read more

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