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Chemistry analyzers and integrated chemistry automation is common in clinical laboratories of all sizes, the scope and sophistication of which depends largely on volume. While the bulk of facilities use medium and high-volume instruments, many facilities incorporate low-volume analyzers into their workflow to scale testing to demand. Today’s chemistry analyzers tackle a number of functions... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Maintaining a variety of laboratory products within closely defined temperature ranges is imperative for quality analysis. The ability to measure, monitor, and control storage temperatures for transportation and temporary storage containers is likewise imperative. Attention to the preanalytical environment must be acute, including rigorous temperature control measures, in... Read more
With widespread use in clinical laboratories regardless of facility size, coagulation analyzers are an automation workhorse. These devices facilitate automated clot detection and chromogenic, immunologic, and other methodologies in high volumes with efficient turnaround times and scant staff interaction. As the assessment of clotting factors and attendant analyzation technology continues to develop,... Read more
Given the relative parity of many clinical practices and the reduction in cost of previously esoteric testing instruments, laboratory directors have more opportunities than ever to acquire custom technology and automation packages. With these choices comes the responsibility to make informed decisions with input from staff and facility administration. As technological breakthroughs continue to be... Read more
The use of centrifuge technology is critical in clinical laboratories for the separation blood cells from serum/plasma and sediment from urine, to measure the volume fraction of erythrocytes in blood (the hematocrit), and to separate bound from free components in protein binding and immunoprocedures. In more esoteric lab operations, centrifugation is necessary for separation (and subsequent measurement)... Read more

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