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As many of you know, we are proud to offer MedicalLab Management free of charge to practicing clinical laboratorians across the country. We feel this is important, because MLM conveys new ideas, concepts, and methods in clinical laboratory and pathology practice to those who need it, often in life or death situations. At MLM, we do not take this responsibility lightly. Apprised as we are... Read more
Drug screening remains common in clinical workups, but as drug-use trends evolve and clinical practice changes accordingly, the ways in which drug screening is performed must change as well. Just ten years ago, legally acceptable recreational marijuana use in the United States was unheard of and only a few states had ventured into medical marijuana approvals;1 the percentage of teenagers on stimulants... Read more
 This article is a follow up to the authors’ initial article on laboratory standardization that ran in the July/August issue of MedicalLab Management For those in laboratory management who are considering standardizing their laboratory system, it is worth remembering that the route is not a short one. This is evidenced by our health system’s ongoing journey of over 18 years. Almost... Read more
Numerous hospital-based laboratories have realized the benefits of outreach testing programs operating with the intent of bringing additional testing into the hospital laboratory from the nonpatient population in a community (see SIDEBAR). These additional volumes help fill excess capacity, lower overall unit cost, and generate revenue. To assist in the fulfillment of this activity, hospitals in... Read more
Chemistry analyzers and integrated chemistry automation is common in clinical laboratories of all sizes, the scope and sophistication of which depends largely on volume. While the bulk of facilities use medium and high-volume instruments, many facilities incorporate low-volume analyzers into their workflow to scale testing to demand. Today’s chemistry analyzers tackle a number of functions... Read more

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