Trends in Temperature Monitoring Use

July-August 2016 - Vol.5 No. 6 - Page #14
Category: Temperature Monitoring

The value of medical-grade temperature control in the clinical laboratory is never more apparent than amid a power or device failure, or during an accreditation inspection. It can be easy to relegate a comprehensive temperature monitoring system to the end of the priority list, but doing so puts the lab at risk for significant product and financial losses, not to mention regulatory scrutiny.

As regulatory and accreditation agencies continue to press for more significant temperature monitoring control, many health care facilities are transitioning to medical-grade refrigeration. It is key that a quality temperature monitoring system complement these units. Notably, those facilities that aggressively address temperature monitoring are bolstered by the strong satisfaction ratings these systems engender.

The data on this page is drawn from MLM’s State of Laboratory Technology survey, further data can be accessed at


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