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May 2017 - Vol.6 No. 4 - Page #7
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The use of centrifuge technology is critical for the separation of liquid and solid components in the clinical laboratory setting. Laboratories performing biochemical analyses on body fluids routinely use centrifuges to separate blood cells from serum/plasma, separate sediment from urine, measure the volume fraction of erythrocytes in blood (the hematocrit), and separate bound from free components in protein binding and immunoprocedures. Less routinely, centrifugation is used for separation of lipoproteins in reference procedures for their measurement, separation of cellular components, and separation of DNA fragments.

In today’s clinical chemistry laboratory, the most common centrifuges are high-capacity horizontal head or swinging bucket units, wherein the specimen tubes are spun at a 90° angle to the shaft of the rotor. These devices centrifuge the vast majority of tubes at a speed of 3500 rpm for approximately 10 minutes. In addition, temperature-controlled centrifuges—horizontal head or swinging bucket centrifuges that maintain a temperature of 4°C—are used to preserve the integrity of thermolabile analytes, which can be adversely affected by the heat generated by devices during the centrifugation process.

The safety and efficiency of modern clinical centrifuges continues to improve and the speed and dependency that centrifuges bring to the clinical lab make them an invaluable technology as lab practices become more automated.

The Horizon 642E from Drucker Diagnostics combines quality, durability, and value in a clinical centrifuge. Ideally used at the point of collection, providing pre-analytic sample processing recommended by tube manufacturers, the Horizon 642E can spin up to six 17 x 100 mm tubes in horizontal centrifugation, reaching a maximum of 3,380 RPM or 1,600 xg RCF. The unit offers a single setting, which can be customized before shipping. On delivery, one button operation ensures repeatable results. Each unit requires just one square foot of counter space.

Drucker Diagnostics
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The NuWind NU-C200V from NuAire is a ventilated, bench top centrifuge with a total capacity of 4 x 625mL and speeds up to 15,300 rpm/22,380 rcf. Spin up to 92 3/5/7 mL or 76 10 mL collection tubes at once. This unit features a unique ventilation system that intakes air through the front of the unit and exhausts out the back helping to minimize heat build up in the chamber. A robust sheet of steel makes up the exterior body of the centrifuge helping to shrink its footprint while maximizing capacity.

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The Micro12 from EKF Diagnostics is a versatile microcentrifuge ideal for clinical, molecular, and bacteriological applications. Well suited for small volume samples, quick spin downs, cell and bacteria separations, and various nucleic acid tests, this centrifuge also can be used to separate DNA due to its maximum spin speed of 14,000 rpm and a maximum relative centrifugal force of 16,000 g. The brushless motor ensures whisper-quiet operation, and with a compact footprint the centrifuge can accommodate tubes up to 2 mL in diameter, allowing for a range of different applications.

EKF Diagnostics Scientific
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Silencer centrifuges from GFMD are designed and manufactured in the USA and offer a number of benefits for the clinical laboratory. Each unit features patented Hyperdrive power protection for its brushless DC (2/3 and 1 horse power) motors and an enclosed rotor chamber to reduce noise output. The device has user-settable speeds in RPM/RCF with multiple configuration presets. A dual safety lid interlock system and high-strength, see-through lids enable safety and ease of use. Complimentary technical assistance and in-service provided. An end-of-run light is optional and STAT, refrigeration, and floor models are available. The S2510R is a large, tabletop refrigerated unit that accommodates a variety of tube shapes and sizes. The S2410SP features an 8-slot horizontal rotor unit ideal for STAT processing for blood and/or urine specimens.

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The Medifuge from Thermo Scientific is a compact clinical centrifuge designed to improve productivity and optimize workflows for routine clinical separations. By eliminating the need to exchange or purchase additional rotors, or even a different centrifuge, the unique Thermo Scientific DualSpin 2-in-1 hybrid rotor with interchangeable fixed angle and swinging buckets enables quick and convenient switching between applications, accommodating common clinical IVD blood tubes, gel tubes, 10 mL standard syringes, and 15 mL conical tubes. This unit provides intuitive controls, a large, brightly lit display, 4 customizable programs to quickly run routine protocols, and one-click lid closure, in a compact footprint to optimize lab space. The centrifuge conforms to clinical and safety standards, such as UL, CE, and IVD, and is listed with US FDA as a Class 1 device.

Thermo Scientific
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The E8 centrifuge from LW Scientific has numerous features including high speeds for faster and cleaner separations (as well as a fast auto-break), quiet operation, low chamber temperatures, and an auto-calibrating speed function for precise results. The E8 Digital has no knobs, but features precise time and speed programs for CLIA compliance, the E8 Fixed is designed for blood separations at a fixed speed of 3500 rpm (1534 g), and the E8 Variable also separates blood at 3500 rpm, but can be slowed to separate other fluids, such as urine specimens.

LW Scientific
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The DASH Apex 6 from Drucker Diagnostics is designed for STAT processing. When used with the Drucker DASH approach to centrifugation, the Apex 6 can cut TAT by up to 20 minutes. The device can hold 6 tubes of up to 10 mL and spin them in horizontal centrifugation at a maximum of 5,500 RPM or 4,000 xg RCF. The unit offers 3 pre-set cycles, which can remain at default settings or be customized. The unit also can be restricted to a single setting for error-free reproducibility. Each unit requires just one square foot of counter space.

Drucker Diagnostics
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The NuWind NU-C200R from NuAire is a refrigerated, bench top centrifuge with a total capacity of 4 x 625 mL and speeds of up to 18,000 rpm/30,980 rcf. Spin up to 92 3/5/7 mL or 76 10 mL collection tubes at once. This unit features a powerful refrigeration system to keep samples from overheating, run after run. Touchscreen controls simplify user operation and allow the storage of 100 programs with title descriptions digitizing your protocol list.

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The Zip-IQ Micro Tube and PCR centrifuge from LW Scientific will spin blood and urine samples in 0.5 mL to 2.0 mL micro tubes, in addition to DNA samples in four PCR strips. The maintenance-free, brushless motor spins at up to 8,500 rpm, producing 4,850 g for results in 3 minutes or less. Digital controls allow speed and time to be adjusted with the touch of a finger and display real-time speed and time remaining. An auto-brake will slow the device quickly and smoothly, and the lid opens automatically once the rotor stops. Powerful, yet small, quiet, and affordable, the Zip-IQ Micro Tube and PCR centrifuge is ideal for any clinic or laboratory.

LW Scientific
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The SMC 6 from Sarstedt is an economical, 6-place bench top centrifuge featuring a swing-out rotor for optimal horizontal separation of blood specimens. The SMC 6 has a preset spin program for simple operation that eliminates the possibility of unintentional speed or time adjustment. The SMC 6 plus model also is available featuring a second preset centrifugation option for spinning urine samples. The instrument’s brushless motor provides smooth and quiet operation and is virtually maintenance-free. Safety features include a clear lid for sample visibility and an automatic lock. The SMC 6 is designed to accommodate tubes with a maximum filling volume of 10 mL and maximum diameter of 17 mm.

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