Implementation of a Phlebotomy Career Ladder
September 2017 - Vol. 6 No. 7 - Page #10

The practice of phlebotomy is integral to all clinical laboratory operations; one that has always required an intimate interaction with patients, many of whom may be experiencing very challenging circumstances. In this regard, phlebotomy remains as perhaps the most front-facing action of the clinical lab, and despite the relative simplicity of phlebotomy in a vacuum, the process can be unexpectedly challenging. As with many rote processes in the lab, phlebotomy is expected to be performed flawlessly, thereby producing wholly viable samples for clinical testing; yet phlebotomists are rarely given appropriate recognition or opportunities to distinguish themselves professionally. As all seasoned laboratorians from the director to the bench tech know: qualified, sensitive, experienced, and reliable phlebotomists are indispensible to clinical laboratory operations.

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