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October 2017 - Vol. 6 No. 8 - Page #1

This month’s cover story puts a popular phrase under the microscope and there are few among us who have not uttered this same phrase and believed it, perhaps unconditionally. There is no harm in this, yet the author makes an excellent point of simply asking his fellow laboratory scientists to apply the same scrutiny to such tropes and seek to retrain focus on solid, actionable laboratory metrics and data.

As we enter the year’s final quarter, it is an opportune time to review the progress of process improvement initiatives and determine whether changes or special emphasis should be focused on certain areas in order to reach established benchmarks.

At MedicalLab Management, we are in the process of formalizing the findings of our annual State of Laboratory Technology survey. Many of you took time from your busy schedules to participate in this survey, and we are excited to share the results in our upcoming November issue. As in years past, we will present valuable benchmarking data and product usage trends in the clinical laboratory market. This year’s issue will feature a wider range of lab technologies and greater insight into year-to-year trends.

In the meantime, MLM continually seeks to assist clinical laboratory directors in applying greater process controls and gaining a better understanding of how today’s leading edge technologies can benefit the lab. In large part, doing so requires laboratory leaders to share their stories, both good and bad. We all learn from other’s successes and mistakes, so if you have led a successful project improvement initiative in any facet of the clinical lab, we want to hear from you and help share your story.

For now, we look forward to your feedback on our forthcoming State of Laboratory Technology issue, as well as our other editorial throughout the year. By working together we believe 2018 will be an even better year for both MLM and clinical laboratory practice as a whole.

With best regards,

David McCormick
Managing Editor

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