Automation Budgeting

November 2018 - Vol.7 No. 9 - Page #8
Category: Billing

Among the ongoing challenges facing clinical laboratory practice, perhaps most profound is the relative scarcity of new, highly-trained and multitalented technologists, technicians, and other laboratorians necessary to maintain laboratory operations at peak function. While this challenge remains, advances in technology have gone to great measure to keep pace and provide instruments and systems that can ease the burden of staffing challenges.

Furthermore, acquiring advanced technologies is crucial to servicing the ever-growing needs and desires of today’s clinicians. With this in mind, careful consideration must be given to the implementation of new automation and technology. No doubt laboratory directors are besieged by requests from all disciplines in the clinical lab, so decisions are further complicated by clinical priority and impact.

Regardless, finding a proper balance between skilled human practitioners and necessary technological breakthroughs will remain a goal for all clinical laboratories.

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