Buyer's Guide: LIS

July-August 2019 - Vol.8 No. 7 - Page #12
Category: Laboratory Information Systems

Orchard Harvest from Orchard Software is a flexible laboratory information system that aims to improve the efficiency of laboratory workflow, reduce errors, and increase the value of laboratory services to providers and patients. Utilizing process automation, robust interfaces, and rules-based decision-support technology such as auto-verification, the system addresses regulatory issues and assists with reimbursements. Orchard’s audit trail, statuses, and sample tracking features provide tools to track laboratory specimens throughout all phases of the testing process. Numerous monitoring and reporting tools are available to help generate valuable business and laboratory analytics.

The design and development of Harvest, with ongoing input from its users, results in a series of configurable features capable of handling a variety of laboratory workflows. Harvest is designed to be used for clinical and pathology test data, and its flexibility makes it a fit for laboratories of all types and sizes. Orchard partners with more than 1500 laboratories, including multi-site and multi-specialty clinics and physician’s offices, to hospitals, independent reference labs, toxicology, and public health laboratories.

PROLIS from American Soft Solutions Corp is a comprehensive laboratory information management system designed to enhance the performance of hospitals and reference labs of all sizes. Cutting-edge automation capabilities allow this clinical lab software to drive efficiency by simplifying time-consuming, routine tasks, enabling team members to focus on other tasks at hand. Engineered to serve a number of functions within the fast-paced field of medical science and patient care, PROLIS is an ideal system for multi-functional laboratories.

Core components include physician panels, a laboratory bar code system, patient scheduling, audit trails, logistics monitoring, remote accessioning, integrated billing and reporting, a search tool for physicians, and more. The medical lab software is designed with flexibility in mind, providing core functionality for both start-up and high-volume labs.

Orchard Sequoia from Orchard Software is an SQL-based database that incorporates advanced tools and decision support to measure performance, improve productivity, and generate valuable business analytics for high-volume, complex laboratories. The system enables a flexible, patient-centered approach to rule design and implementation that promotes accurate decisions, improves workflow efficiency, and helps reduce errors.

Sequoia’s interface engine simplifies interoperability and integration, supports HL7 standards, and includes a mechanism that allows users to build their own host interfaces, eliminating wait time and cost of vendor-developed interfaces. The system is designed with the flexibility and scalability to accommodate large testing volumes across multiple laboratories and departments performing clinical, microbiology, molecular, pathology, and point-of-care testing. Sequoia allows users to customize workflow task pages to accommodate specific laboratory setups, and the system’s configurability makes it adaptable for unique laboratory situations such as public health, toxicology/pain management, and more.

The LigoLab LIS + RCM platform from LigoLab Information Systems is a complete, integrated, and flexible SaaS platform designed to support clinical diagnostic disciplines such as molecular, genomic, microbiology, clinical, and anatomic pathology laboratories. The platform is leveraged by large laboratories to support, transform, and streamline the complete life cycle of laboratory operations, billing, and financial aspects of the business. LigoLab provides innovative laboratory software to laboratories nationwide.

Avalon LIS from Computer Service & Support aims to simplify the processes of laboratory testing, reporting, and billing. With all the moving parts of a lab, expediting laboratory workflow is essential for efficient patient care. With a modularized system, Avalon LIS automates laboratory ordering, reporting, and billing so that labs can stop investigating where reimbursements are being stalled and start focusing on profitability.

LabGEM LIS from Diamond Computing is a full-featured laboratory information system that can be configured to meet the needs of any clinical lab. Features include streamlined order entry, multi-mode result entry, custom client reporting, EMR and instrument interfacing, electronic billing and accounts receivable, integrated quality control, Microsoft Excel-compatible internal statistics, and a Web browser portal. The system can be purchased as an integrated platform or by module, and can interface to a legacy lab system. Other functionalities of the LabGEM LIS include e-claim data to billing services, an EMR engine that can provide order/result streams to external systems, and the WebGEM portal, which provides immediate access to results or can be used for remote order entry by lab personnel. Diamond Computing works to provide solutions that match workflow to resources and LabGEM LIS can be configured to accommodate any rules and procedures.


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