Buyer's Guide: Temperature Monitoring

July-August 2019 - Vol. 8 No. 7 - Page #20

The SmartScan wireless DQ and CQ sensors from SmartScan Technologies are engineered to meet the unique needs of the clinical environment. Each group of sensors can be part of a total SmartScan monitoring system, enabling remote collection of temperature data, alarms, notifications, and the necessary reporting to satisfy regulatory requirements. CQ temperature sensors offer wireless connectivity through a LAN gateway and are designed with power output and frequency switching technology to punch through interference. The new DQ sensor line operates using Bluetooth and over existing WiFi networks or a LAN gateway, creating a cost-efficient system that is easy to install.

SmartScan systems offer free apps for wireless connectivity and real-time viewing of temperature readings on a smartphone or tablet. Both series offer sensors for ambient temperature, probes for refrigerators and freezers, and a range of other monitoring options, including differential pressure. The EZcal calibration system facilitates yearly recalibration through simple replacement of the sensor probe. All SmartScan sensors are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 facility. The SmartScan system meets ISO 14644 requirements and conforms to the data integrity stipulations specified in FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

VersaTrak wireless temperature monitoring system from Veracity Group offers both 900 MHz and WiFi transmitter solutions, as well as a large selection of probes for most laboratory applications. The system allows monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, room temperature and humidity, differential pressure, real-time particle count, and more. VersaTrak was created specifically for the compliance needs of the health care industry, and its Auto Node Calibration (ANC) provides a unique self-calibrating transmitter.

The Alert Monitoring System (AMS) from Hampshire Controls Corporation is a PC-based system for continuous monitoring and data recording of laboratory equipment environmental conditions. Providing local alarms and email notifications when connected to a user’s network, the AMS connects to Hampshire’s single- and multi-probe wired and wireless alarms. Log reports and graphs can be easily generated, arranged by date or event, and sent via email.

The Temperature Data Logger with LCD from Health Care Logistics is a standalone solution that allows users to store and track a variety of temperature data while protecting the integrity of temperature-sensitive materials. This compact data logger with 2.5-digit LCD display measures and stores more than 16,000 temperature readings within a -31º to 176ºF (-35º to 80ºC) range. View temperature and humidity readings directly on the display and monitor the logging and alarm status using the device’s two high-intensity LEDs. At the touch of a button, users can cycle among current, maximum, and minimum stored temperatures. Easily set up the logging rate and start time, define alarm thresholds, then download the stored data by plugging the logger into a computer’s USB port and running the companion software. Data can be graphed, printed, and exported to other applications for easy audit-trail review and reporting.

The PowerPath Temp solution from Emanate Wireless aims to eliminate the loss of inventory caused by spoilage. Emanate’s solution eliminates the need for emergency response to refrigerator failure events by providing advanced warning before the failure occurs. By monitoring both the temperature and AC power draw of refrigeration devices and applying AI machine learning, the system automatically detects anomalies such as laboring compressors and failing defrosters before they cause a complete failure, allowing for corrective maintenance and/or the safe relocation of refrigerated inventory.

The MPS Multi-Probe Alarm System from Hampshire Controls with 2 to 8 sensors can monitor, alarm, notify, and report condition data. The system comprises relay output, battery backup, email alarm notification, and is compatible with Hampshire’s Alert Monitoring System. Its applications are ideal for hospital laboratory refrigerators, freezers, and walk-in coolers as well as server rooms and data centers.

The “S” Type Model Data Loggers from T&D Corporation feature upgraded temperature and humidity sensors for high precision. The “S” Type sensors feature one- and two-point adjustment functions in order to eliminate the need to apply a manual adjustment factor when calibrating data. They are capable of temperature measurements from -25 to 70°C, with a +/-0.5°C accuracy range, and humidity measurements from zero to 99%, with a +/-2.5% accuracy range.

Select data logger models with the new sensors incorporate WiFi connectivity for automatic uploading of data to T&D’s WebStorage 2.0 cloud service, which allows access from any Internet-enabled device with no monthly fee. The lineup also includes LAN-based loggers that allow access to data via WebStorage 2.0 on a personal computer or by direct communication with mobile devices.

Sentinel Next from Argus Labs automates the recording of laboratory refrigerator and freezer temperatures. If a device goes out of range, the system will provide immediate notification to help prevent product loss. All data and corrective actions are recorded according to regulatory requirements, and the WiFi-enabled sensors can utilize any existing WiFi 802.11b/g/n network to communicate with a cloud-based or local server.

The system is easily installed and requires no additional software or hardware. Sensors are battery or line powered, and Snap calibration probes are available as a convenient alternative to help meet the requirements for annual system calibration verification. The Snap calibration probes can be replaced as required with new NIST traceable certificates of calibration. A wide variety of sensors are offered, including those to monitor ultralow freezers, CO2, differential pressure, voltage, LN2, and more.

Argus Labs’ software includes full function mobile applications for Apple and Android devices. Support and installation teams are available to help users through every phase of the installation and post-installation process to ensure that the system continues to meet expectations.


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