Coagulation Analyzers

State of Laboratory Technology 2019 - Vol. 8 No. 10 - Page #34

With widespread use in clinical laboratories regardless of facility size, coagulation analyzers are an automation workhorse. These devices facilitate automated clot detection and chromogenic, immunologic, and other methodologies in high volumes with efficient turnaround times and scant staff interaction. As the assessment of clotting factors and attendant analyzation technology continues to develop, vendors endeavor to support users’ demands for greater autonomy.

Enjoying almost universal use in clinical settings, rare is the facility not employing coagulation analyzers.

This instrumentation type enjoys strong satisfaction ratings, with 87% of users rating their devices as excellent or good.

Stago has a comfortable lead in systems in use, but Instrumentation Laboratory, Siemens, and Sysmex all enjoy strong showings as well.


Almost half of facilities have plans to acquire new coagulation analyzers.

Most new implementations (60%) will occur within the next 3 years.

Stago leads in systems under consideration, with substantial showings from Instrumentation Laboratory, Siemens, Sysmex, and Beckman Coulter.




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