Urinalysis Analyzers

State of Laboratory Technology 2019 - Vol. 8 No. 10 - Page #36

Urine chemistry analysis and microscopic urine sediment examination remain essential to clinical diagnostics and today’s instrumentation performs a wide range of analyses. As automation has continued to grow with these devices, urine chemistry autoverification has assisted in reducing manual labor and other tasks involved in manual microscopic evaluation.

Because urinalysis analyzers help reduce manual/visual testing subjectivity, offer an expanding list of possible tests, and enable staff to attend to other tasks while running daily QC operations, their proper place in the clinical lab is cemented.

Urinalysis analyzers are commonly implemented in facilities of all sizes; just under 9 out of every 10 facilities utilizes independent urinalysis analyzer(s).

The utility of this technology is reflected in high user satisfaction ratings: 96% of users are satisfied with their analyzer, with 81% assigning top marks to their vendor.

Siemens and Beckman Coulter are the leading vendors in this marketplace, followed by Arkray USA and Roche Diagnostics.




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