Temperature Monitoring

State of Laboratory Technology 2019 - Vol.8 No. 10 - Page #17
Category: Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Maintaining a variety of laboratory products within closely defined temperature ranges is imperative for quality analysis. The ability to measure, monitor, and control storage temperatures for transportation and temporary storage containers is likewise imperative. Attention to the preanalytical environment must be acute, including rigorous temperature control measures, in order to avoid the unwitting transportation of errors or compromised samples through the clinical workflow.

An unstable or unaccountable temperature monitoring process places the laboratory at risk for significant product losses (ie, financial losses), as well as compromised patient samples; a risk no clinical facility can afford to bear. Accordingly, investments in robust and comprehensive temperature monitoring systems are essential for peace of mind.

Just over half of facilities have a fully automated temperature monitoring system in place.

Facilities of all sizes recognize the importance of an automated system, yet there remains broad opportunity for additional adoptions of this valuable technology.

Rees Scientific, Cooper-Atkins, and Helmer Scientific lead a busy market with a multitude of vendor options.

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