Buyer’s Guide: Flow Cytometry

December 2019 - Vol. 8 No. 11 - Page #16

The PS-10 sample preparation system for flow cytometry from Sysmex offers advanced development in automated, standardized, and flexible sample preparation for complex and routine flow applications. The system’s capabilities aim to alleviate bottlenecks in the busy clinical flow cytometry laboratory, while providing flexibility for the creation of complex, laboratory-performed tests. Offering the ability to integrate with existing SOPs, the PS-10 provides antibody cocktailing and automates all phases of the sample preparation process. Virtually eliminating operator-dependent variability by reducing labor intensive manual processes, the PS-10 allows the lab more time to focus on data analysis and interpretation.

The MACSQuant Analyzer 10 from Miltenyi Biotec brings the versatility and power required for flow cytometry applications, as an automated benchtop flow cytometer for highly sensitive, multiparameter cell analysis. Whether mining for rare cells, analyzing the efficiency of the cell manufacturing process, or investigating signaling pathways, the system can equip users for the task at hand. These three-laser systems are available with 8 to 14 colors, and the system offers a range of automated features, allowing this flow cytometer to lay the foundation for full automation in all instruments belonging to the MACSQuant family of flow cytometers.

The Guava easyCyte Microcapillary flow cytometry systems from Luminex offer simple operation and ease of maintenance. They utilize small sample volumes, generate minimal waste, and help reduce operating costs. Uniquely amenable to on-demand use in the laboratory environment, each lab is able to choose the optical and sample handling configuration that best suits its needs. Single, dual, or triple excitation laser configurations provide up to 14 simultaneous detection parameters, including 12 fluorescent colors plus forward and side scatter for size and granularity determination. For applications requiring exceptional sensitivity, a high-powered blue laser (HPL) is offered in both single- and HT-loader formats. All of the versatile optical configurations are available with an affordable single-sample loader, or an integrated multiwell sample tray option, for trouble-free, walkaway acquisition of up to 96 samples.

The Amnis ImageStreamX Mk II imaging flow cytometer from Luminex combines the speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy. The high-resolution, high-sensitivity microscope produces detailed brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescence imagery, as well as fluorescence intensity, for a wide range of quantitative, statistically robust cellular analyses.

This unique combination enables a broad range of applications not possible using either technique alone.

The ImageStreamX Mk II System is a benchtop, multispectral, imaging flow cytometer designed for the acquisition of up to 12 channels of cellular imagery. By collecting large numbers of digital images per sample and providing a numerical representation of image-based features, the instrument combines the per-cell information content provided by standard microscopy with the statistical significance afforded by large sample sizes common to standard flow cytometry. With the ImageStreamX Mk II System, fluorescence intensity measurements are acquired as with a conventional flow cytometer; however, the best applications for this instrument take advantage of the system’s imaging abilities to locate and quantitate the distribution of signals on, in, or between cells.

The MACSQuant Tyto Cell Sorter from Miltenyi Biotec is a next generation benchtop sorter equipped with a microchip-based value and three lasers allowing gentle, high speed, 10-parameter cell sorting. Uniquely, the sorting process takes place exclusively within a single-use, disposable, and fully closed system: the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge. The closed cartridge enhances operator safety and aims to eliminate the risk of sample contamination and carry-over. The easy “plug and play” format of the instrument, combined with fully automated flow control, laser alignment, and valve timing, makes cell sorting accessible to any lab professional, without requiring intensive training.


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