Trends in Centrifuges

January 2020 - Vol.9 No. 1 - Page #6
Category: Centrifuges

Essential to all clinical laboratories, centrifuges play a vital role in several clinical disciplines. This is a mature technology with the latest instruments incorporating data analysis and network capabilities for today’s highly automated laboratories. Given their wide-ranging use and heavy workload, lab directors are often looking at acquiring new devices in short order. Fortunately, there is a robust vendor market offering a variety of sizes, styles, and capabilities to fit the needs of any clinical lab.

Centrifuges are traditionally well regarded, and this year is no different; 87% of facilities give high marks to their devices.

Planned adoptions are spread almost evenly across facilities of all sizes, owing to the universality of clinical centrifuges.

Thermo Fisher is joined by Hettich, Helmer, Drucker, and Beckman Coulter as the leaders of this deep market.

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