Temperature Monitoring Buyer’s Guide

January 2020 - Vol.9 No. 1 - Page #18

Rees Scientific’s Temperature Monitoring System

Rees Scientific provides an FDA compliant monitoring system that helps monitor critical assets, equipment, and environments. With a focus on monitoring cold storage (refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms), ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, light), and room conditions (temperature, humidity, differential pressure, particle counts), the Rees Scientific monitoring system can monitor a diverse facility with multiple locations while providing immediate data access and sophisticated analysis right from any desktop computer, tablet, or phone. Instant alarm notifications are available via local sonic and interactive dialed telephone that escalate with email and text messaging, at any time of the day or night. Rees Scientific’s sales and engineering team assists in implementing the best solution according to each facility’s needs; the system can be stand-alone, networked, or Web-based, and can be hard wired, wireless, WiFi, or cloud based. The system provides automated daily printouts, audit trails, and complete data encryption. These standard features help organizations meet compliance for USP <797>, USP <800>, FDA, AABB, GxP, GLP, GMP, Joint Commission, and other regulatory requirements.

  • From Rees Scientific
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StatTemp from Health Care Logistics

StatTemp from Health Care Logistics notifies users via phone, text, or email when temperatures exceed their desired levels, helping to avoid putting product or sample integrity at risk. The system provides remote monitoring from anywhere with Internet access and offers downloadable reports for all the data loggers in the facility.

  • From Health Care Logistics
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Monnit Corporation’s ALTA Wireless Open-Closed Sensors

Monnit Corporation’s ALTA Wireless Open-Closed Sensors serve as a check engine light for cold storage. Made in America, the sensors alert users via text, email, or telephone if a door (eg, a specimen refrigerator) is left ajar. Staff can then quickly address the issue to protect reagents, blood products, and other invaluable samples. The sensors also are able to monitor the open and closed status of windows, or track when an area is accessed. The ability to remotely monitor lab temperatures helps protect people, processes, materials, and instruments. With a quick set-up process, the sensors communicate with a Monnit Wireless Gateway, which securely transmits data to iMonnit sensor management software. Three sensor types are available: a long-life AA battery variant, a compact coin-cell-powered model, or an industrial-grade version for harsher environments. Sensors have a battery life of up to 12+ years. All ALTA sensors have a wireless range of more than 1200 feet and feature onboard data memory for up to 3200 readings per sensor. Monnit ensures data protection via proprietary bank-grade Encrypt-RF Security technology.

  • From Monnit Corporation
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AssureTemp by EoScene

AssureTemp by EoScene helps clinical laboratories protect valuable inventory and ensure quality, safety, and compliance while improving staff efficiency. AssureTemp utilizes existing IT infrastructure with wired (Ethernet) and WiFi monitors, with no radio frequency (RC) network required, enabling quick and easy onsite installation. Monitors operate using AC power with battery backup for continuous readings, and a wide variety of sensors are available, including sensors to monitor ultra-low freezers. Monitors and sensors include NIST certificates and calibration service, along with the AssureTemp’s annual easy-swap calibration program, which helps simplify and lower the cost of compliance.

The monitoring hardware connects to cloud-based software and continuously records data at predefined intervals both locally and in the cloud. The system is accessible from any Internet-enabled device and notifies staff of temperature issues by text, email, or page. All data and corrective actions are recorded to help meet regulatory requirements. Customer success managers are available to ensure that the system continues to meet the growing needs of the user’s facility.

  • From EoScene
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BT10 Blood Temp Indicator from Digi-Trax

The BT10 blood temp indicator from Digi-Trax helps improve blood safety practices with a cost-effective solution for temperature monitoring. Designed for transport from the blood bank or to the OR, the indicator provides irreversible evidence of a core temperature breach of more than 10°C. Slightly over 1” tall and 3/4” wide, it easily adheres to a blood bag and tracks the core temperature with the push of a button. Once the system is armed, the indicator window displays white for temperatures below 10°C and changes to blue if the temperature exceeds 10°C. The color-coded alert allows for quick accept or reject decisions, expediting the handling of the blood units while helping to ensure quality.

  • From Digi-Trax Corporation
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Digi-Sense TraceableGO Data Logger

With the Digi-Sense TraceableGO Data Logger and choice of three external probes from Cole Parmer, users can safely transport valuable materials such as clinical samples, blood, and tissues to any location. These compact, durable data loggers can fit almost anywhere, including inside a small cooler. The probes are designed to fit securely inside the carton while the data logger secures to the outside for easy monitoring and access. The external bottle probe is ideal for monitoring samples in transit; the external bullet probe can be immersed into liquids to monitor air and liquids; and the external RTD probe for temperatures below -80°C ensures critical samples are not compromised. ILAC MRA, NIST-traceable calibration is included to ensure accurate measurements. Once the shipment is delivered, Bluetooth can be enabled to export data to a smartphone, tablet, or computer to immediately determine if shipment contents remained at the set parameters. The TraceableLive cloud service, which requires a low-cost subscription, can be used for tracking data from multiple loggers and to comply with 21 CFR Part 11.

  • From Cole Parmer
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Safe-T-Vue Temperature Indicators

Safe-T-Vue temperature indicators from Temptime provide nonreversible temperature indication for blood products, plasma, and RBCs. The indicators adhere directly to blood bags during refrigeration, transport, and temporary storage. They are designed for use by blood banks, blood collection centers, and transfusion services to maintain quality control in transport and storage of blood products. Available in 6ºC and 10ºC indication temperatures, Safe-T-Vue changes color from white to red when the indication temperature has been reached or exceeded. Because it is nonreversible, Safe-T-Vue will indicate that a high temperature condition existed, even if the temperature has since returned to a lower level. Easy to follow videos for use and validation, and customizable validation documents are provided on the company’s website.

  • From Temptime
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Emanate’s PowerPath Temp

Emanate’s PowerPath Temp eliminates the expensive loss of inventory caused by spoilage. Given that refrigerators typically fail once every 10 years, a hospital with 50 refrigerators is likely to experience an average of five failure events per year. A slow response to a single failure event can result in losses of tens of thousands of dollars. Emanate helps eliminate the need for emergency response to refrigerator failure events by providing advanced warning before the failure occurs. By monitoring both the temperature and AC power draw of the refrigeration devices and applying AI machine learning, the system detects anomalies such as laboring compressors and failing defrosters before they cause a complete failure, allowing for corrective maintenance and/or the safe relocation of inventory. PowerPath Temp is cloud-based, easy to install and configure, and provides full compliance reporting and flexible alarming (ie, email, text, pager, and voice call). PowerPath Temp can also be used to monitor both temperature and humidity for room-level compliance.

  • From Emanate Wireless
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This wireless, battery operated, easy-to-use USB data logger independently monitors temperature data in refrigerators, -20°C freezers, and ambient room conditions. Designed for clinical laboratories and other health care sites, LIBERO W is compliant worldwide (including WHO) and offers four reporting format options, including minimum and maximum settings. The unit features data buffering to prevent gaps in data reports, and provides local audible-visual temperature warnings and alarms for fast reaction. Simply install the battery, place and pair the wireless sensor to the base unit, and press start to begin monitoring; no additional software or hardware is required. The unit can be shipped pre-configured or be easily configured onsite with ELPRO’s free liberoCONFIG software. ELPRO’s leading SmartStart application also allows for a faster and simpler transfer of customer-specific configuration profiles, shipping, or application-specific information to be added to the unit.

  • From ELPRO
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The Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit

The Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit from Temptime combines everything needed for blood transport cooler validations in one simple kit. Temperature assurance is crucial for the safe transport of blood and blood products, and validation of transport containers can be a challenging task for laboratories of all sizes. Val-A-Sure combines all of the components, instructions, and documentation for validation in a kit, and these components have been tested to work together efficiently and accurately. Delivering the simplicity, accuracy, standardization, and speed of process that blood banks and labs require, each kit includes electronic data loggers, temperature probes, validation SOPs, video instructions, and data logger software. Val-A-Sure can help ensure consistent measurement and recording for each validation and the system can be used for other temperature validations in the lab as well.

  • From Temptime
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Sentinel Next from Argus Labs

Sentinel Next from Argus Labs communicates via an existing WiFi network to a robust cloud service. Other than the environmental sensors, no additional hardware is needed. Further, no additional software is required, as the data is available via Web interface or mobile app (offered on both iOS and Android devices). The sensors monitor a variety of parameters including temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, dry contact, and leak detection. The cloud service offers live monitoring with customizable alerting capabilities including historical records for regulatory compliance. The system is 21 CFR part 11 compliant and includes an IQ/OQ validation protocol. All hardware and software components are designed and built by Argus Labs.

  • From Argus Labs
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Sentinel Monitoring System from Sensaphone

The Sentinel monitoring system from Sensaphone provides 24/7 remote monitoring of temperatures inside medical refrigerators and freezers, and when used with Sensaphone’s local temperature display, the system meets or exceeds CDC guidelines. The display is affixed to the door of a refrigerator or freezer to provide at-a-glance readings of the internal temperature as well as pre-set minimum and maximum temperatures. The local temperature display is paired with a NIST-calibrated probe buffered in a bottle filled with either glycol or glass beads to ensure readings represent the temperature of the refrigerator’s contents rather than the ambient air. The display indicates and stores the highest and lowest temperatures and can be programmed to provide a lighted or audible alarm when temperatures fall out of range. Each Sentinel unit monitors up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions including temperature from -109°F to 168°F (-85°C to 76°C). The system sends notification via phone call, text, or email to designated contacts when it detects a potential problem. Users can change settings, disable alarms, and readjust temperature limits from the Sensaphone iPhone/Android app or via the Sensaphone website.

  • From Sensaphone
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