Laboratory Information Systems Buyer’s Guide

July/August 2020 - Vol. 9 No. 7 - Page #20

LabGEM LIS from Diamond Computing

LabGEM LIS, the core product from Diamond Computing, is a full-featured laboratory information system that can be configured to meet the needs of any clinical laboratory, as it scales easily to accommodate small or large labs, including special needs or facility-specific rules. The system provides an information solution that matches workflow and resources. LabGEM can be purchased as an integrated platform or by module, and its lab billing system can interface to the LIS. Its EMR engine can provide order/result streams to external systems and the Web portal allows designated users full access to test results and other clinical information.

  • From Diamond Computing


Avalon LIS from Computer Service and Support (CSS)

With over 40 years of experience, the Avalon LIS from CSS can be tailored to fit any lab’s workflow. Avalon offers full-read access to the entire system (the lab owns its own data) allowing for a full range of custom reports. CSS offers world-class technical support with continuous improvement to software systems. Our developers can create custom portals, instrument/EMR interfaces, and other customization requests with ease. Expediting laboratory workflow and its attendant information is essential for efficient patient care, and the Avalon LIS can handle this challenge. A modularized system, it completely automates laboratory ordering, reporting, and billing processes.

  • From Computer Service and Support (CSS)


Avalon BI from Computer Service and Support (CSS)

Avalon BI is a full-featured laboratory billing system that allows patient test requisitions to flow in from multiple sources while ensuring their eligibility for payment. A requisition preview feature allows the user to see billed costs for any requisition. Using built-in ICD10 diagnosis validity checking, each insurance company can have its own discrete set of rules in order to ensure claims will be paid. The system can electronically bill multiple payers and clearinghouses in addition to producing patient bills or allowing the user to export files to various existing systems. Avalon BI provides analysis and real-time data so that users can maximize reimbursements and increase profitability.

  • From Computer Service and Support (CSS)

Polytech LIS from Comp Pro Med

Polytech LIS software from Comp Pro Med offers quality, customer support, and competitive pricing. A mature and advanced technology, Polytech is designed to prevent downtime, promoting maximum productivity for the lab. Polytech is flexible and user-friendly with specific functionality customizable to fit any laboratory and avoid workarounds. Comp Pro Med’s direct support is provided by experienced senior programmers and the system can be quickly deployed, enabling new users to go live in fewer than 4 weeks. There are no hidden charges for customizations such as report format changes, screen output changes, and system configurations.

  • From Comp Pro Med

CLIN1-LIS from Clinical Software Solutions

The CLIN1-LIS from Clinical Software Solutions is an information management solution offering automation tools and configurations to accommodate a variety of laboratory types (eg, clinical, toxicology, histology/pathology, molecular, etc). The software includes intuitive screens with color-coded fields designed to help facilitate daily tasks. Analyzer interfaces, flexible plate templates and template management, HL7 Interfacing, Web portals and dashboards, and client services tools are available. The CLIN1-LIS provides options to gather patient, sample, and billing information for transmission to the EHR/EMR/HIE or billing providers. The software uses industry standard SQL platforms that can handle large patient databases and high sample accession rates for any size laboratory. Clinical Software Solutions offers responsive support to help users establish a configuration that best fits their needs.

  • From CLIN1


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