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September 2020 - Vol.9 No. 8 - Page #17
Categories: Furniture, Laboratory Design and Relocation Services

Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosure from Labconco Corporation

Labconco Corporation’s Purifier Filtered PCR enclosures provide a sterile, particulate-free environment (ISO 5) to protect sensitive work from outside contamination. These specialized vertical clean benches provide a controlled environment in which to perform PCR sample preparations minimizing cross contamination. The enclosures include a UV light with timed exposure (user selectable increments) to deactivate DNA and RNA contaminants. Purifier PCR enclosures are constructed of durable metal and glass components for easy decontamination and longevity. Available in 2- to 4-foot widths, with epoxy or stainless steel work surfaces, and optional base stands and cabinets.

  • From Labconco Corporation


Modular Lab Furniture Systems from Hemco

Hemco’s Modular Lab UniLine furniture offerings include base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base tables, mobile work stations, specialty storage cabinets, and peg boards. The UniLine casework groupings are designed to incorporate Hemco’s most popular casework styles in a complete package. The casework is tested independently to be SEFA 8 compliant. Complete turnkey installation is an additional service option to ensure quality standards.

  • From Hemco


Epoxy Worksurfaces and Sinks from Durcon

Durcon’s epoxy worksurfaces and sinks provide a complete system of durable, heat- and chemical-resistant laboratory products creating consistency throughout the laboratory environment. The high-density epoxy worksurfaces are molded as one solid piece of nonporous material, eliminating surface absorption, delamination, and swelling. Created with the goal of ensuring longevity, epoxy worksurfaces are resistant to harsh chemicals, heat, fire, staining, pitting, and marring, and have a Class A fire rating. In addition, they are nonconductive, and the ease of decontamination makes them suitable for radioactive areas. Available in conjunction with these epoxy worksurfaces, Durcon’s Epoxy DropIn sinks are likewise durable and do not require undermount support. With the DropIn sink installation method, the cutout is sealed, eliminating the overhang that can become a collection point for residual chemicals and bacteria.

  • From Durcon, A Wilsonart Company


Laboratory Planning and Design from EwingCole

EwingCole is a fully integrated architecture, engineering, interior design, and planning firm, with more than 460 professionals in Baltimore, Charlotte, Irvine, New York, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and San Diego. In the past decade, EwingCole has planned and designed over 12 million square feet of laboratory space. The firm’s projects integrate typical laboratory instrumentation and wet laboratory processing areas with high-end, specialized instrumentation support. The design team focuses on optimizing the laboratory’s throughput and effectiveness, while also accommodating future technology changes. Working closely with laboratory scientists and instrumentation and equipment manufacturers to understand the technologies employed, EwingCole develops laboratory systems that work to accommodate maximum flexibility.

  • From EwingCole


Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet from Labconco Corporation

The Labconco Corporation’s Purifier Logic+ class II, type A2 biosafety cabinet is designed for laboratories handling hazardous particles, such as agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2, or 3 containment. Purifier Logic+ BSCs provide personal, product, and environmental protection, including from COVID-19 samples. The design of all Logic+ BSCs centers around the MyLogic operating system, which communicates status updates on an LCD screen located at eye level within the BSC. Ergonomic design components, such as a sloped sash and an inlet grill armrest, are combined with a quiet, energy efficiency blower to maximize user comfort during extended periods of work. Logic+ BSCs typically recirculate HEPA filtered air directly into the laboratory. However, nuisance odors or light-duty chemicals can be vented into an exhaust system through an optional canopy connection.

  • From Labconco Corporation


UniFlow SL Fume Hood from Hemco

Hemco’s new SL series of high-performance laboratory fume hoods are constructed entirely of chemical resistant, flame retardant, lightweight composite resin for durability and longevity. This non-metallic fume hood is seamlessly molded as one single piece of material and includes a slotted VaraFlow baffle system for airflow uniformity. All hardware is composed of chemical resistant PVC and the hood is equipped with a vapor proof 2-tube, T-5 fluorescent light fixture, light switch, and counterbalanced vertical-sliding safety tempered glass sash. Additional accessories including base cabinets and countertops are available. At 54 inches in height, the hood features an extended front post to accommodate additional service fixtures and electrical services. The fume hood is also available in 48-, 60-, 72-, and 96-inch models with a 30-inch depth.

  • From Hemco


LabGard NU-543 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet from NuAire

NuAire’s LabGard NU-543 Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet (BSC) is a benchtop unit, available with telescoping or motorized auto-rising base stand options. The NU-543 utilizes a single ultrahigh efficiency motor to reduce energy consumption and larger HEPA filters to extend filter life span. The NU-543 utilizes the FlowGard control system with a single airflow sensor, monitoring airflow in real time. NSF/ANSI 49 and EN12469 certified, NU-543 provides ISO Class 5 air protection. The NU-543 now comes standard with a prop-up work tray for easy cleanability of the sidewall cord pass-through ports (NSF approved). All NuAire BSCs are fully customizable. Popular options include armrests and/or moveable elbow rests, adjustable footrest, ultraviolet light, exhaust canopy with available flex duct kit options, and an Ergotron Arm for monitor and keyboard/mouse.

  • From NuAire


MultiFrame Laboratory Workstations from Modular Millwork

Modular Millwork’s MultiFrame laboratory workstations aim to increase versatility and efficiency within laboratory design. Workstation modules are available in customized configurations with designer finishes; options include hinged doors, stacked drawers, adjustable shelves, or fully open configurations to allow for chairs/legroom. Material choices for upper shelves vary from laminate to steel, glass, or chemical-resistant epoxy materials. Adding industrial-grade casters allows users to create mobile workstations. The MultiFrame system can be continually adapted to the changing needs of the laboratory environment. The user can choose to create a wash station or integrate a laminate work surface, monitor rail, and work shelf for a process control center. Work rails and task lighting options allow for optimization of vertical organization, ergonomics, and workforce productivity.

  • From Modular Millwork


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