Hematology Analyzers

November 2020 - Vol.9 No. 10 - Page #22

Enabling a core function of clinical laboratories, hematology analyzers are almost universal in use and serve to provide a wide range of functionalities. As advanced cellular and morphological analysis are key in hematology laboratories, today’s analyzers are capable of reporting on several parameters, as well as standard cell counts and differential leukocyte analysis. Utilizing multiple technologies, hematology analyzers can provide information on cell population data, lymph and granularity indices, and blood-borne parasites, as well as several other capabilities and volume accommodations. Given these augmented functions, expanded utilization of hematology analyzers is expected to continue apace.

With 92% of labs rating their hematology analyzers as excellent or good, this heavily used technology garners strong satisfaction.

Just under half of labs currently plan to acquire new hematology analyzers in the near future.

Sysmex America and Beckman Coulter have strong representation in this broad marketplace.

While laboratories of all sizes are planning hematology analyzer purchases, adoptions will be particularly strong in small to mid-sized facilities.

A strong portion (61%) of facilities intending to acquire new analyzers will do so within the next 3 years.

As with systems in use, Sysmex America and Beckman Coulter have the strongest representation among considered vendors.



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