Flow Cytometry Use & Purchasing Trends

November 2020 - Vol.9 No. 10 - Page #26

The promise of next-generation flow cytometry platforms including mass cytometry (CyTOF) and mass spectrometry-based digital imaging is substantial. With widespread use in immunophenotyping, analysis of hematopoietic neoplasias, diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies, and for antibody screening and crossmatching, among other applications, flow cytometry is expected to continue to expand its clinical utility and utilization in clinical laboratories.

Utilization of flow cytometry showed growth this year with nearly a quarter (23%) of all facilities taking advantage of this technology.

While its use in smaller facilities (<200 beds) is relatively scant, flow cytometry is commonly utilized in the largest facilities (400+ beds).

Beckman Coulter and BD lead the systems in use, with several others, including Luminex, Thermo Fisher, and Sysmex, represented as well.



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