Molecular Diagnostics

November 2020 - Vol.9 No. 10 - Page #40

As technological advances in molecular diagnostics continue with the exciting utilization of next generation sequencing (NGS) and the obvious invigoration of PCR and digital PCR platforms, among other breakthroughs, clinical laboratories will benefit from rapid translation of established and emerging molecular tests.

The flourishing field of molecular diagnostics enjoys a deep marketplace of automation platforms and testing selection. With clinical validity and utility remaining key to widespread implementation, the ongoing collaboration between clinical providers and laboratorians in determining both the appropriateness of molecular testing and, perhaps more important, the interpretation of the results of that testing, is essential to the promise of personalized medicine.

Facilities in each size category increased their molecular diagnostic usage over last year, with particularly notable growth in 101-200 bed hospitals.

Molecular diagnostic platforms enjoy strong user satisfaction with an impressive 94% of facilities rating their platforms as excellent or good. Of note, no facility gave its platform(s) a less than satisfactory rating this year.

Of those facilities planning to acquire new platforms or instruments, 30% intend to do so within 1 year. This is up from just 12% last year.

Cepheid and BioFire Diagnostics are clear leaders under vendors in use, but this is a busy market with several well known and competitive suppliers.

Although Cepheid and BioFire are garnering substantial consideration, others, including Roche, bioMérieux, Abbott, BD and Hologic,are also receiving significant interest.


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