Flow Cytometry Buyer’s Guide

December 2020 - Vol.9 No. 11 - Page #14

The PS-10 Sample Preparation System from Sysmex is designed to alleviate bottlenecks in clinical flow cytometry while providing flexibility for the creation and utilization of complex laboratory tests. The system can improve laboratory processes by offering continuous, uninterrupted sample introduction and worklist creation, efficient automation for high throughput operation, and mitigation of operator-dependent variability. Its high-capacity smart autosampler enables safe specimen handling via the use of standard Sysmex hematology specimen racks. Up to 50 specimen tubes can be loaded at a time and additional racks can be added continuously. Multiple integrated bar code readers allow for positive identification of samples.

The PS-10 can help laboratories improve flow cytometry decision making with test requests via LIS speeding up sample processing. System tools allow for the creation of custom, lab-specific tests, panels, and procedures. Information concerning reagent blocks, bulk reagents, tests, panels, and procedures is stored in the system for future reference and reuse. Two cooled racks are available to help ensure reagent or cocktail stability.

  • From Sysmex Corporation

The MACSQuant Analyzer 10 from Miltenyi Biotec is a three-laser flow cytometer that contains built-in automation features, enabling the standardization of routine flow cytometry procedures. Its SmartGain technology allows harmonization of instrument settings across multiple devices, and Express Mode software tools automate sample acquisition and data analysis with integrated automatic gating and reporting. These features are designed to improve assay standardization and facilitate the adoption of flow cytometry techniques for non-expert users, thereby meeting the demands of a rapidly growing cell and gene therapy market.

  • From Miltenyi Biotec

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences offers a range of flow cytometers, cell sorters, and cell preparation systems, in addition to flow cytometry software, reagents, and related automation. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences aims to improve the workflow of clinical flow cytometric assays by reducing manual steps in sample preparation and increasing the standardization and quality of results. Examples of systems in use for clinical diagnostics include the AQUIOS CL flow cytometry system with “load-and-go” technology providing sample preparation and analysis in one instrument; and the Navios EX flow cytometer, which provides advanced analytics and applications, and optimizes workflows.

ClearLLab reagents deliver preformulated, IVD antibody cocktails for leukemia and lymphoma (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma only) immunophenotyping in the clinical lab. Additional reagents and kits, including custom design services, are available. Flow cytometry software enables offline data analysis and management, and automation systems allow laboratories to scale up to medium- or high-throughput flow cytometry for advanced operations.

  • From Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

The StarBright Blue 700, Violet 440, and Violet 610 Dyes from Bio-Rad Laboratories are developed specifically for flow cytometry, offering maximal brightness for improved resolution. These dyes are made up of fluorescent nanoparticles conjugated to Bio-Rad’s flow antibodies (rendering them brighter than other fluorescent dyes with similar excitation and emission spectra) and provide users with an alternative for flow cytometry panels. The dyes are resistant to photobleaching and are highly stable with minimal lot-to-lot variation, enabling consistent and reproducible staining. In addition, they work with all common staining buffers, including special polymer dye staining buffers, for easy integration into multicolor panels. StarBright dyes are compatible with Bio-Rad’s ZE5 cell analyzer, S3e cell sorter, and other conventional and spectral flow cytometers.

  • From Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc


BD has received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA for the BD FACSLyric flow cytometer with the Integrated BD FACSDuet sample preparation system. Enabling clinical laboratories to fully automate the sample-to-answer process, the system allows for improved efficiency by reducing errors and limiting the manual user interactions required to run assays on the flow cytometer. The FACSDuet sample preparation system offers preanalytical capabilities that when combined with the FACSLyric flow cytometer, provide a walkaway sample-to-answer solution for clinical labs. Physical integration between the systems allows technicians to load samples and reagents onto the sample prep system and obtain results once the samples are acquired and analyzed on the flow cytometer. Data integration offers bidirectional communication between the instruments and connectivity with laboratory information systems.

  • From BD


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