Temperature Monitoring Buyer’s Guide

January 2021 - Vol.10 No. 1 - Page #16

Temperature Data Loggers from Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health offers a portfolio of temperature data loggers with a variety of features and configurations that help health care facilities meet their temperature monitoring needs. With robust abilities to monitor and record temperatures in laboratory environments, Cardinal Health data loggers can capture the crucial data necessary for ensuring an accurate temperature history and provide an easy-to-use solution for maintaining temperature-based regulatory requirements.

  • From Cardinal Health

Stat Temp from Health Care Logistics

Stat Temp from Health Care Logistics is a mobile friendly, WiFi-enabled temperature monitor offering unlimited readings with a user-selected logging rate from once-a-minute to once every 30 minutes. Portals can be created on the Stat Temp website and users can choose to view all units being monitored, or sort to groups by location. Compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks, the unit can be added to the Stat Temp website so that the sensor will appear on the user portal when plugged into the monitor.

Cloud-based storage is unlimited and allows instant access to reports for process improvement, compliance, or inspection, and users can link any number of monitors to their portals. User-defined permissions can be set based on shifts or roles. Real-time and user-defined alerts can be sent via text, email, or phone call with a forced acknowledgment function. The system uses a pass-through plug that inserts into the same wall outlet as the cooling unit and has a three-day battery backup. CDC compliant, Stat Temp provides min/max data for the previous 24 hours and has a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F). It includes one glycol sensor, but double sensor and room and air humidity sensor models also are available.

  • From Health Care Logistics

EDL-Beacon from Marathon Products

The EDL-Beacon from Marathon Products allows users to monitor temperature conditions from up to 300 meters away with an app for either Android or iOS devices. Once the app is installed, all activated devices can be automatically detected and accessed. Time-stamped temperature data can be saved to the mobile device and a PDF report can be automatically emailed.

Device specifications include: temperature monitoring range of -29°C to 72°C, upper and lower alarm limits, on-demand data graphs, and a battery life of 3 to 5 years. In addition, up to 50,000 data points can be saved (all data can be cleared by the software), and a data package is available that includes time and temperature consumption for up to 180 days.

  • From Marathon Products, Inc

Temperature Monitoring System from Rees Scientific

The Rees Scientific temperature monitoring system provides continuous automated monitoring via FDA-compliant technology that helps monitor critical assets, equipment, and environments such as laboratories, cleanrooms, and compounding pharmacies. Capable of monitoring the temperature of any cold storage device (ie, refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers) with a range of over 100°C to -196°C, this system helps enable the safe storage of the various vaccines for COVID-19 under regulations from government health organizations such as the FDA and CDC.

The Rees system can monitor a diverse facility with multiple locations while providing immediate data access and sophisticated analysis from any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Instant alarm notifications are available via local sonic, interactive dialed telephone, and escalating email and/or text messaging, at any time of the day or night. Automated daily printouts are available, including alarm notifications and audit trails, with complete data encryption. These standard features help organizations meet compliance for USP <797>, USP <800>, FDA, Joint Commission, and other regulatory requirements.

  • From Rees Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Smart-Vue Pro System

Smart-Vue Pro from Thermo Fisher Scientific is a next-generation remote monitoring solution for sample storage and processing. The ability to select the configuration of probe, module, and network type allows users to build the system to their specific needs. The modular, customizable architecture allows for easy expansion without costly upgrades, and the system is compatible with multiple brands and types of equipment. New equipment can be added to existing Smart-Vue Pro systems easily, and with the longer range LoRaWAN receiver, scalability is possible across multiple labs, floors, or buildings.
  • From Thermo Fisher Scientific

Veracity Group’s VersaTrak

VersaTrak from Veracity Group is a secure, easy-to-use, enterprise level solution designed to support a variety of departments within any hospital infrastructure. It offers system security that protects data by compartmentalizing access for each department from changes made by other departments, including military spec security user access protocols.

The system’s browser-based software is simple to use and maintain, provides updated traceability certificates, and its patented ANC (automatic node calibration) function performs an automatic, weekly self-audit. VersaTrak Mobile is available for offsite users and a variety of hardware options also are available, including WiFi and 900 MHz configurations with mix-and-match capabilities, and a variety of general purpose and laboratory-grade probes (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and more). All products are NIST-traceable. VersaTrak also offers a mobile app enabling 24/7 system access.

  • From Veracity Group, Inc

Bluetooth Sensors from Temptime

Temptime’s family of wireless Bluetooth-enabled sensors monitor and record temperature data 24/7. The W-200 monitors both temperature and humidity in refrigerated storage areas to help with accreditation compliance and regulatory requirements. Data can be accessed remotely using a Web-based application, and customized alerts notify users instantly if any areas have exceeded temperature limits.

The M-300 and S-400 programmable dataloggers are ideal for monitoring temperatures during transport or storage, letting users view and share temperature data with a free mobile app; customize alarm limits, datalogging intervals, and startup options; store unlimited data on the cloud; and generate reports with the complementary Web app.

  • From TempTime Wireless, a Zebra Technologies Company

TraceableLIVE from Cole Parmer

TraceableLIVE from Cole Parmer is cloud-based-interface compatible with a variety of Traceable data logging and temperature monitoring devices. It aims to provide a simple, efficient, and reliable way for users to monitor temperatures of samples, reagents, and vaccines, and any products that require a cold chain. With TraceableLIVE, users can stay connected during storage and transport, with the ability to remotely view data logging history, generate reports, and control alarm parameters. The entire team can receive email, text, and push notifications on the environments they monitor. Digital data reports can be sent with ease at any time and users may customize the reports with location, device, date range, and report format.

Traceable products help users meet quality and regulatory requirements, as they come calibrated to NIST standards with an individually numbered certificate that assures accuracy from Cole Parmer’s ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (1750.01) calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. Users also have the ability to track data from multiple loggers and comply with regulatory agency requirements, including 21 CFR Part 11.

  • From Cole Parmer

OneVue Sense from Primex

Primex OneVue Sense temperature monitoring solutions help ensure the safety of valuable assets, including COVID-19 vaccines, using two NIST-traceable temperature probes. The standard probe monitors the temperature from -40°F to 221°F (-40°C to 105°C), while the cryogenic probe monitors temperatures as low as -328°F (-200°C). If a fluctuation in a storage unit temperature occurs, users will receive audible and visual notifications, as well as real-time email, phone, or text alerts, ensuring storage prompt action.

In addition to ensuring storage at correct temperatures, OneVue helps complete compliance tasks as well. With automatic logging, the system documents the first date of use, logs routine temperature checks, and stores data for easy audit reporting. In addition to temperature monitors, the OneVue Sense portfolio offers an array of monitoring solutions, including temperature and humidity sensors that feature the same alerting and data logging capabilities to monitor indoor air quality. The sensors are designed to be easy to install and relocate. Sensor devices use AC or PoE for power and feature standard battery backup.

  • From Primex

DM120 Digital Temperature Monitor from J-KEM Scientific

J-KEM Scientific’s Digital Temperature Monitor has a large four digit display, a calibrated temperature range of -200°C to 1200°C, and a display resolution of 0.1°C. The monitor accepts any thermocouple type and is available in a 120 Vac and 230Vac version. A USB port is built in and includes drivers for both USB and RS232 serial communications. J-KEM’s GMP compliant KEM-Net graphing and data logging software is included at no charge. Custom features, such as audible alarms and email notifications, are available.

  • From J-KEM Scientific

Logicall Enterprise from Logicall Wireless Solutions

The scalable Logicall Enterprise from Logicall Wireless Solutions collates data from sensors over miles, meaning that one centralized gateway can collate data from the entire organization and provide reliable, consistent, and real-time temperature data around the clock. There is no need for an IT connection, as the gateways utilize a cellular network; the system’s data roaming connectivity allows for data transmission anywhere, even in remote or secure locations. The gateways ensure seamless transmission with a backup power supply, and with the option to monitor products in transit, the entire cold chain can be monitored from one dashboard.

As a cloud-based solution, the secure network can host data indefinitely, allowing users to easily access historical data for compliance and analysis. All data is encrypted end to end, and any personal data is kept on a server with secure access.

  • From Logicall Wireless Solutions

Environmental Monitoring Solutions from STANLEY Healthcare

STANLEY Healthcare’s environmental monitoring solution contains a T15e tag designed to help simplify temperature monitoring, which is ideal for the ultra-cold storage of COVID-19 vaccines. The tag has a wide sensor range (from -200°C to 140°C) and is NIST-traceable. Offering a visual display and local alerts, a built-in contact sensor, and 24+ months’ battery life, this monitoring solution meets federal and state regulatory requirements. The tag, along with AeroScout Environmental Monitoring software, provides 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts. Requiring minimal staff training and providing standardized regulatory compliance reporting, the system can be used in any area of the hospital or at off-campus locations, including laboratory, pharmacy, surgical services, and more.

  • From STANLEY Healthcare

PowerPath Temp from Emanate Wireless

The PowerPath Temp solution from Emanate Wireless aims to eliminate the loss of clinical inventory due to improper temperature storage. A slow response to a refrigerated storage failure event can result in costly product losses, and this solution is designed to eliminate the need for emergency response to refrigerator failure events by providing advanced warning before the failure occurs. By monitoring both the temperature and AC power draw of affiliated refrigeration devices and applying AI machine learning, the system detects anomalies such as a laboring compressors and failing defrosters before they cause a device failure, allowing for corrective maintenance or ample time to safely relocate the inventory. As a cloud-based system, it is easy to install and configure, and provides full compliance reporting and flexible alarming via email, text, pager, and/or voice call. PowerPath Temp can also be used to monitor both temperature and humidity for room-level compliance.

  • From Emanate Wireless

Single Probe Temperature Monitors from Hampshire Controls

Hampshire Controls offers the fourth generation of its single probe temperature monitors, which cover a temperature range of -200°C to 400°C, utilizing various sensors. Standard alarms include audio and visual alarms, user-adjustable high and low set points, mute period, and initial delay to alarm periods. The monitors include a test alarm switch, RTD 100 ohm sensor with 10-foot lead wire, and a UL-listed power supply.

Optional features include passcode protected parameters, degrees listed in Fahrenheit, back-lit display, NO/NC relay with programmable delay period, battery backup, 4 to 20 mA output to building automation systems, voltage output, RS485 and digital output, Ethernet interface, input for door alarm switch, and custom programming.

  • From Hampshire Controls Corporation

AssureTemp from EoScene

AssureTemp from EoScene is a compliance-driven temperature and humidity monitoring system designed for managing the strict compliance reporting and data retention requirements associated with high-value inventories, including reagents, vaccines, and research drugs. Combining automated and manual data collection into a single application, the system helps to ensure that critical inventories are maintained at proper temperature and/or humidity levels.

AssureTemp provides the ability to demonstrate to regulators, program sponsors, and accreditation bodies that refrigerated elements are regularly monitored and that proper corrective actions are taken when measurements approach or deviate from required ranges. Simple to use, the system notifies staff of temperature issues according to the facility’s temperature management policy. Notifications can be escalated to multiple tiers if they go unaddressed, and real-time reporting and documentation provide a complete audit trail for remediation tracking and calibration management. Using existing IT infrastructure, installation is quick and easy. The monitoring hardware connects to a cloud-based application that records measurements at predefined intervals both locally and in the cloud, ensuring that readings are never missed or lost.

  • From EoScene Corporation

Temperature Monitoring Systems from SmartScan Technologies

SmartScan Technologies, a division of CIMTechniques, offers a variety of temperature monitoring systems for critical applications. The company is ISO-9001 certified and is also an ISO-17025 certified calibration lab. Offering easy configuration to meet the unique needs of the facility, available hardware components include wired elements, 900-mHz long-range wireless elements, WiFi, and Bluetooth capable options. Each group of sensors can be part of a total monitoring solution, allowing for remote collection of temperature data, alarms, notifications, and the necessary reporting to satisfy regulatory requirements. Bluetooth-enabled DQ sensors ensure local connectivity for real-time viewing of temperature readings on a smartphone or tablet. All available system configurations offer sensors for ambient temperature, probes for refrigerators and freezers, and a range of other monitoring options including humidity, differential pressure, CO2 levels, and I/O capabilities, such as door-open status.

  • From SmartScan Technologies, a Division of CIMTechniques, Inc


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