Focus on the Positive

May 2021 - Vol.10 No. 5 - Page #1

Now that we are well over a year into the initial impact and ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the original shock has worn off for many, only to be replaced by guarded caution. This is certainly understandable. Given the overwhelming nature of the pandemic, one might liken it to an earthquake with the subsequent fear of aftershocks. That said, many laboratory practitioners, steeled by their experiences over the last 15 months, have opted for cautious,
yet constructive optimism.

There is reason for optimism, too. The unprecedented rollout of the various vaccines combined with tireless effort from the entire gamut of health care practitioners should provide hope that while we may not (and should not) return to what was once considered “normal” in all regards, we can and will learn from our experiences, and be better prepared because of them.

This is a good moment to reiterate that although MedicalLab Management is free of charge to all clinical practitioners, we do ask that you renew and/or confirm your contact information on our website, periodically. Without these renewals (we ask that you do so annually), subscriptions will eventually roll off the list; this is to avoid sending the magazine to a practitioner who may have left the lab. That said, while you are visiting, please take a look around. Check out our archive of past issues or review our list of FAQs. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement, we want to hear them.

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We know there is ample reason for doubt, but as scientists at heart, laboratorians are well situated to help guide that optimism, and lead us all out of the chaos of 2020.

With kind regards,

David McCormick
Managing Editor


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