Chemistry Analyzers

July/August 2021 - Vol.10 No. 7 - Page #6
Category: Analyzers

Featuring an ever-growing list of testing capabilities, chemistry analyzers are ubiquitous in all clinical laboratories, and integrated chemistry automation is on the rise. Available systems come in a wide range of sizes, volume handling, number and range of tests, reporting capabilities, and more, all of which can be utilized in a network to best fit the needs of each laboratory. Today’s chemistry analyzers are capable of processing numerous testing parameters in the diagnosis and management of multiple disease states. As core chemistry analyzers and related automation continue to proliferate in clinical laboratories, the need for interoperability and information sharing will grow as well.

While laboratories of all sizes are planning new chemistry analyzer acquisitions, there is an intriguing concentration in small to mid-sized hospitals.

Nearly half (45%) of facilities planning to acquire new chemistry analyzers expect to do so in the next 2 years.

With most facilities considering multiple vendors, the most commonly indicated include Roche, Siemens Healthineers, Beckman Coulter, Abbott, and Ortho Clinical.

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