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October 2021 - Vol.10 No. 9 - Page #14
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Pro Line Platelet Storage Systems from Helmer Scientific

Pro Line Platelet Storage Systems from Helmer Scientific are designed for regulatory compliance in the storage of platelets, offering temperature uniformity, constant agitation, and reliable performance to support blood banks.

The platelet storage systems are powered by AdvanceCore Thermoelectric Heating and Cooling Technology, a solid-state system that provides variable-capacity operation, heating and cooling only as needed to stay within the desired temperature range. Pro Line systems are energy efficient, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership. The i.C3 Information Center with AgiTrak provides constant temperature monitoring, data and diagnostic information (including ensuring continuous agitation), and additional security features.

  • From Helmer Scientific

MCO-50M-PA Cell-IQ Stackable Multigas Incubator from PHC Corporation of North America

The PHCbi brand MCO-50M-PA Cell-IQ Stackable CO2 incubator (1.8 cubic feet) offers accurate control of CO2, O2, humidity, and temperature. As a cell culture incubator, it features standard and optional passive and active contamination mitigation systems with a 3-hour H2O2 vapor option for thorough decontamination of microbes in a compact, space-saving design that can be double- or triple-stacked.

The model also includes an intuitive controller that manages interior incubator chamber parameters. Temperature, CO2, and O2 setpoints and alarm deviations are controlled through an LCD screen for ease of use, even with gloved hands. A standard USB data port allows convenient transfer of logged performance.

  • From PHC Corporation of North America

In-VitroCell Direct Heat CO₂ Incubator from NuAire Laboratory Equipment

In-VitroCell CO2 Incubators from NuAire are designed to provide accurate control of humidity, internal temperature, CO2, and sterility for optimal culture growth. The direct heat incubator uses heating elements placed around the chamber, in the door perimeter, and in the door itself to provide balanced temperature within an insulated, stainless steel chamber.I

  • From NuAire Laboratory Equipment

Memmert CO₂ Incubators from Hettich Instruments from Hettich Instruments

Memmert CO2 incubators help protect cultures by reaching setpoint temperatures quickly without overshoots. These systems minimize vaporization and condensation with active humidity control, an optimal heating system (six sides), and a heated inner glass door. Products are made of high-quality stainless steel for a hygienic and corrosion- and scratch-resistant work surface, while optional accessory ports allow for safe connection to continuous temperature monitoring devices. Model capacity ranges from 56 L to 241 L with a temperature range of 5°C above ambient temperature up to 50°C. Additionally, models feature fail-safe, FDA-compliant logging software, a battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT, as well as mobile device notification.

  • From Hettich Instruments

In-VitroCell Water Jacket CO₂ Incubator from NuAire Laboratory Equipment

In-VitroCell CO2 Incubators from NuAire are designed to provide accurate control of humidity, temperature, CO2, and sterility for optimal culture growth. The water jacketed incubator uses a single heating element to heat the surrounding water. The water jacket is slow to lose its temperature (as during a power outage) and enables temperature uniformity and humidity.

  • From NuAire Laboratory Equipment

MCO-230AICUVL-PA Cell-IQ Series Incubator from PHC Corporation of North America

The Cell-IQ Series MCO-230AICUVL-PA is a large capacity (8.1 cubic feet), high throughput cell culture incubator for culturing or protocols that may require the use of an apparatus. It is designed for demanding and regulated applications in clinical laboratory applications. To prevent contamination, the incubators employ an inCu-saFe (copper-enriched stainless steel) interior chamber, the SafeCell UV lamp system, and an H2O2 decontamination system. The patented direct heat and air jacket system, dual beam infrared sensor, SafeCell UV, and inCu-saFe work together to ensure precise temperature, CO2 levels, and contamination control, respectively, to help achieve a precise and repeatable environment. The system has the ability to accommodate live-cell analysis as well as orbital shakers and other agitation devices.

  • From PHC Corporation of North America

SureTemp Digital Incubator from Health Care Logistics

The SureTemp Digital Incubator from Health Care Logistics features user-programmable air temperature for accurate monitoring and reliable incubation outcomes. Users may record temperatures as often as every 60 seconds, then use a flash drive (not included) to download data points for easy record keeping. Mechanical Convection Mode provides for superior temperature uniformity and Gravity Convection Mode is indicated for longer incubations when airborne contamination or drying of samples may be an issue.

Designed with a spacious interior for storing multiple items such as fingertip and surface testing contact plates, it includes two adjustable shelves with space for up to eight shelves. Health Care Logistics aims to protect the integrity of specimens and help labs achieve more reliable results without compromising space with this countertop unit.   

  • From Health Care Logistics

HettCube Incubators from Hettich Instruments

Hettich HettCube incubators provide validated and efficient space for cultures, as each system’s footprint is designed to occupy minimal floor space. Its constant and homogeneous temperature distribution principle is based mainly on radiant heat, creating an optimal environment for cultures. HettCube standard incubators operate at 1°C above ambient temperature without cooling, and the touchscreen control panel is easy to use, providing access to a real-time calendar for the scheduling of temperature cycles. Efficient heating and cooling is achieved with no interior door, which also allows for one-handed operation.

The HettCube is available in three capacities (150 L, 310 L, and 520 L) housed within the same footprint for improved laboratory planning and space-saving efficiency, and maximized throughput based on the lab’s requirements. The incubators include a list of standard accessories that can be swapped and shared among models.

  • From Hettich Instruments


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