Chemistry Analyzers

November 2021 - Vol.10 No. 10 - Page #27
Category: Analyzers

Given that chemistry analyzers and related instrumentation are integral to the vast majority of clinical laboratories, vendors in this market continue to expand their offerings accordingly. The systems available today are capable of testing for numerous parameters in the diagnosis and management of multiple disease states. In order to provide the most efficient combination for any given lab, analyzers are available in a wide range of sizes, volume handling, number and range of tests, reporting capabilities, and interoperability. Automated chemistry systems also continue to proliferate laboratory settings and contribute to efficiencies across the testing gamut.


Chemistry analyzers enjoy healthy approval ratings, with 76% indicating they are more than satisfied with their technology.

Use of high-volume chemistry analyzers is widespread across facilities of all sizes, with low-volume analyzers also utilized in both primary and supplementary functions.

While the variety of tests offered remains the key purchasing factor for chemistry analyzers, ease of maintenance is growing in importance during the vendor selection process.



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