Flow Cytometry

November 2021 - Vol.10 No. 10 - Page #42
Category: Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry technology continues to develop and become move viable to a broader set of users. Increasingly advanced automation has reduced sample preparation time and effort, and the systems themselves are becoming smaller and more nimble. Although analysis still requires manual interaction, automation has made significant inroads in the applicability and availability of flow cytometry.


Use of flow cytometry systems has held steady for the last 4 years as nearly a quarter (22%) of facilities are taking advantage of this key technology.

Flow cytometry technology is common in larger facilities with use gaining steam in smaller facilities.

Flow cytometry acquisition plans are somewhat modest, but this intent is up from 2019, when just 7% of facilities had plans to acquire new instrumentation.

Flow cytometry technology enjoys strong satisfaction ratings with a 100% satisfaction rating.

Beckman Coulter leads the systems in use, with BD and Sysmex rounding out the top three.

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