Resilience Tested

December 2021 - Vol.10 No. 11 - Page #1

Looking back over the past year, as one tends to do at this time, I see a remarkable health care landscape laid bare. In the December 2020 issue of MLM, I wrote about the unflagging efforts of numerous leaders in laboratory medicine to combat the myriad effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while those sentiments remain, indeed, 2021 may prove to have been the more difficult year.

We are not so shocked by the daily impact of the pandemic, having grown accustomed to the changed reality we face, but the longer-term effects on morale, specifically, continue to be tested. A person’s ability to persevere in the face of great challenge is not limitless, yet laboratory leaders around the country are showing their mettle by pushing those limits and finding new outcomes every day.

As we enter a third year of substantial challenges spurned by the pandemic, it is important to remain positive and focus on moving forward. As always, I am heartened by the fact that these substantial challenges did not stop engaged, compassionate, and skilled laboratory directors and managers from pushing forward with successful process improvements. As a sample of the diverse and impressive progress made by your colleagues, we are proud to present this year’s most popular articles (determined by online views):

Laboratory Leadership’s View of Accreditation (MAY)

A Pandemic Response Creates Laboratory Opportunities (JANUARY)

Centralized Automation Benefits in Microbiology (JUNE)

Upgrading Flow Cytometry Instrumentation (MAY)

Lab Inspections from Both Sides of the Clipboard (SEPTEMBER)

As 2022 eases onto the horizon, we aim to share laboratories’ positive growth through staffing, technology, and methodology improvements, under the experienced aegis of tested lab leaders. Likewise, it has been an honor to work with many excellent lab leaders this year (presented as a group on page 14). I look forward to more insightful contributions in the year to come.

With kind regards and best wishes for the New Year,

David McCormick

Managing Editor


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