Buyer's Guide: Laboratory Information Systems

December 2021 - Vol.10 No. 11 - Page #20
Category: Laboratory Information Systems

CGM LABDAQ from CompuGroup Medical

CompuGroup Medical aims to improve laboratory workflow and efficiency with version 21.3 of the CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System. Utilizing a Microsoft SQL Server database, the system provides features designed to maximize reimbursements and minimize the potential for errors. The system also offers new alerts, rules, and features, including orderless quality control, memorized report parameters, and the automatic assignment of Medicare G-codes, which can help save hours of time in billing for drug testing.

CGM LABDAQ provides a customizable home screen that is configurable for each user and provides technicians and lab managers with instant access to analyzers, reports, and more. This LIS can be a user-friendly way to streamline lab workflows, optimize profitability, and deliver comprehensive, dependable results.

CLIN1-LIS from CLIN1 Clinical Software Solutions

The CLIN1-LIS from Clinical Software Solutions is an information management solution offering automation tools and configurations to accommodate a variety of laboratory types (eg, clinical, toxicology, histology/pathology, molecular, etc). The software includes intuitive screens with color-coded fields designed to help facilitate daily tasks. Analyzer interfaces, flexible plate templates and template management, HL7 Interfacing, Web portals and dashboards, and client services tools are available.

The CLIN1-LIS provides options to gather patient, sample, and billing information for transmission to the EHR/EMR/HIE or billing providers. The software can be Cloud hosted or installed onsite and uses industry standard SQL platforms that can handle large patient databases and high sample accession rates for any size laboratory. Clinical Software Solutions offers responsive support to help users establish a configuration that best fits their needs.

LIS & RCM Operating Platform from LigoLab Information Systems

As an enterprise-grade SaaS software solution, the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform includes modules for anatomic and clinical pathologies, molecular diagnostics, billing, and direct-to-consumer on one integrated infrastructure that is configurable and supports any department, role, or case. The LIS features specimen bar coding and tracking support, a robust and searchable audit trail, compliance verification at every stage, a built-in interface engine, flexible rule and automation engines, and fully customizable reports with multiple delivery options, helping laboratories scale their operations efficiently.

As the LigoLab RCM is integrated with the LIS, laboratories can begin billing at order creation, with the goal of reducing denials while improving laboratory net collection. Additionally, the RCM supports the billing process with real-time verification, eligibility, and scrubbing components, automated ICD and CPT coding, and automated client billing. All RCM processes are integrated within LigoLab’s live queue-facilitated workflow, giving users full transparency and end-to-end operational oversight.

CGM SCHUYLAB from CompuGroup Medical

The CGM SCHUYLAB from CompuGroup Medical is a full-featured LIS that is scalable to operate in facilities ranging from a single-station physician office lab to a multi-site reference laboratory processing an unlimited number of specimens daily. The system is versatile and user-friendly, employing a familiar, icon-based interface to help simplify workflows including quality control, compiling worksheets and managerial reports, and collating and exporting patient results.

An optional, fully integrated billing module is available, as well as other advanced features, including medical necessity checking, microbiology, and cytology. A multi-language option assists laboratories with a diverse staff and/or patient base. CGM SCHUYLAB is configurable to meet the needs of each individual lab; small labs can adopt the base functionality and add features and modules as business needs evolve.

TestDirectly from LigoLab Information Systems

TestDirectly from LigoLab is a Cloud-based, patient engagement portal that allows laboratories to directly connect with patients and provide convenient, safe, fast, and accurate direct-to-consumer testing. The platform reduces errors and reporting delays by replacing paper forms and manual processes with a user-friendly electronic workflow that empowers the patient and fully supports the case and specimen throughout the testing journey.

TestDirectly integrates with LIS and revenue cycle management (RCM) systems. The portal features LIS functionality, and it supports patient and family self-registration and scheduling, capacity management, specimen collection, specimen tracking and processing, billing, and compliance. It also supports automated report delivery via email, SMS, portal, or interface, and automated reporting to public health departments and agencies in every state. The system aims to provide laboratories with the tools they need to boost testing capacity, improve turnaround times, and support drive-through, walk-up, and all forms of organizational testing, including school surveillance/pooled testing.

LabGEM LIS from Diamond Computing

LabGEM LIS, the core product from Diamond Computing, is a full-featured laboratory information system that can be configured to meet the needs of any clinical laboratory, as it scales easily to accommodate small or large labs, including special needs or facility-specific rules. The system provides an information solution that matches workflow and resources. LabGEM can be purchased as an integrated platform or by module, and its lab billing system can interface to the LIS. Its EMR engine can provide order/result streams to external systems and the Web portal allows designated users full access to test results and other clinical information.


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