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The value of medical-grade refrigeration equipment in clinical settings is well documented with vital applicability in the laboratory, blood bank, and pharmacy, among other practice areas. Devices engineered specifically for storing and maintaining blood products, reagents, vaccines, and patient samples can have a significantly positive impact on operations by ensuring the conditions necessary for viability always remain intact. Further, as these devices have grown in sophistication, they have incorporated data producing software and multifaceted alarming and notification systems.

All of these developments are valuable to laboratory, blood bank, and facility operations, given the many challenges to the efficient and expeditious provision of lifesaving refrigerated products (markedly, blood products) in the hospital setting. Given the invaluable nature of refrigerated products in the clinical setting, every available measure should be taken to ensure products are properly stored, accessed, used, and accounted for. A detailed policy and procedure should outline the functionality of refrigeration devices, their intended use, allowable access, accounting, cleaning and maintenance, and product cycling.

Exercising control over the storage and utilization of blood products is a primary function of the clinical blood bank, but that control does not need to be confined within the walls of the blood bank. As with any process, determine the course of action that best fits your facility and workflow. Blood bank transportation and courier systems can work perfectly well, but placing medical-grade refrigeration in other departments of need may reap significant time, product, and financial savings.

High-Performance Refrigerators from Follett

High-Performance refrigerators and freezers from Follett are engineered to provide safeguards for storing reagents, medications, and vaccines. Featuring advanced airflow design, the plenum air distribution system delivers cold air at six different levels for precise temperature control and top-to-bottom temperature uniformity, allowing full utilization of the storage space. Quick recovery after door openings eliminates the risk of temperature fluctuations, protecting product integrity. An intuitive, icon-driven user interface features enhanced data management from data collection to alarms and an optional electronic locking system. Full stainless steel construction provides durability and easy cleaning. The top-mounted modular refrigeration system increases usable storage space and simplifies maintenance by allowing critical components to be serviced without disrupting the contents and internal temperature of the refrigerator.

GX Solutions with OptiCool Technology from Helmer Scientific

Ensuring that equipment meets temperature performance requirements for samples, blood, and vaccines is critical to ensure efficacy, safety, and compliance. Helmer Scientific’s GX Solutions are professional, medical-grade refrigerators and freezers designed to provide temperature uniformity, recovery, and stability. Temperatures can be maintained throughout the unit, can recover quickly after prolonged door openings, and can avoid deviations from the set point. This results in an optimal storage environment.

OptiCool Technology, a cooling system that pairs variable capacity compressors (VCCs) with natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants, provides energy efficiency, noise reduction, and sustainability. Undercounter and upright models are available to help the lab cover a wide range of storage applications.

19505 HCL by from Health Care Logistics

The HCL Pharmacy/Vaccine Refrigerator by So-Low is a 23 cubic foot coated steel unit with an operating range of 2º to 8ºC (36º to 46ºF) that features five adjustable wire shelves to accommodate an assortment of temperature sensitive products. Together with a glass door, interior lighting keeps contents visible for inventory management and more accurate product retrieval. A digital temperature display keeps critical information in sight while a minimum/maximum memory feature allows users to quickly view data on demand.

When connected to an internal alarm system, the power failure relay feature alerts users to a loss of power and reduces the risk of product loss. Each CDC-compliant unit is complete with a lock and two keys. Four locking swivel casters allow for hassle-free mobility when necessary. The refrigerator includes warranty coverage of 3 years for parts and labor with 2 additional years on the compressor parts only.

MPR-S500H/RH from PHC Corporation of North America

The new PHCbi brand MPR-S500H-PA and MPR-S500RH-PA refrigerators are engineered to meet CDC regulatory guidelines and to exhibit reliable performance. They feature argon insulated dual-pane sliding doors, which significantly reduce air transfer during door openings. The automated defrost system removes accumulated ice buildup from the evaporator coils, a function that is sensor-based and adds to efficiency by eliminating the need to remove contents from the refrigerator.

Both models feature inverter compressor technology, which minimizes energy consumption, and both offer USB data retrieval capabilities. The MPR-S500H-PA comes standard with six adjustable shelves, and the MPR-S500RH-PA comes standard with six adjustable shelves on the left side of the chamber and five fixed sliding drawers on the right side of the chamber.

High-Performance Refrigerators from Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health high-performance laboratory and pharmacy refrigerators feature advanced temperature control, high-quality cabinet construction, alarm systems, and positive, forced-air circulation to maintain temperature uniformity. Made specifically to protect temperature sensitive products from laboratory media and reagents to vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and more, models are available in a variety of sizes with glass or solid doors, several shelving configurations, and are Energy Star certified and SNAP compliant.

StableTemp Chest ULT Freezer from Cole-Parmer Essentials, an Antylia Scientific company

The Cole-Parmer StableTemp 3.5 cubic foot chest ultra-low freezers are designed to fit in areas where space is limited, and to meet cold storage needs as low as -86°C. High-performance insulation panels in the cabinet minimize heat gain, improving temperature stability. Separate inner storage chambers have their own insulated doors which offer independent access to storage space, minimizing frost buildup inside the chambers and providing maximum protection of stored samples. The outer door seal’s unique design reduces temperature loss while the door is open, and a robust door latch keeps the door securely closed.

The microprocessor controller is simple to use with push-button control and has an easy-to-read operational status display. Large LEDs show internal temperature, set temperature, ambient temperature, and input voltage for quick viewing of operation parameters. Other features include a sample port for external temperature probing, a heated pressure equalization port for easy door opening, and casters for portability.

AutoCool+H and AutoFreeze+H from Swisslog Healthcare

AutoCool+H and AutoFreeze+H from Swisslog Healthcare deliver temperature controlled inventory management and access to controlled refrigerated/frozen storage and technology enabled dispensing for valuable products. To allow consolidation of refrigerated and frozen products as part of a comprehensive, integrated inventory system, the devices utilize the AutoPharm Enterprise software platform, which enables ongoing inventory management. The software is designed to provide centralized control and perpetual inventory management.

AutoCool+H and AutoFreeze+H support bar code confirmation of all dispensing and storage activities for refrigerated and frozen products, and personnel actions are managed through password secured doors. These features are designed to reduce the risk of dispensing errors. An air-cooled, forced-air refrigeration system maintains a uniform temperature and quick recovery.

Key features and functionality include password-protected access; bar code confirmation of all stocking, picking, and dispensing; and digital temperature display and readouts that direct staff through stocking and picking activities. Multiple units can be daisy-chained to automate all or a portion of refrigerated and frozen items, and the system’s software platform synchronizes fulfillment activities.

SUFsg 5001 Ultra-Low Freezer from Liebherr USA

Liebherr offers ultra-low temperature freezers to meet safety requirements, with an eye toward efficiency and ease of use in the -40°C to -86°C temperature range. These freezers are designed to ensure minimal temperature fluctuations and maximum performance. For added safety, they include extensive monitoring and alarm systems designed to alert users of any internal temperature deviations.

Blizzard Ultralow Under-Counter Freezer from NuAire Laboratory Equipment

NuAire’s Blizzard NU-99100 -86°C Ultralow Freezer provides a 100 liter (3.5 square-foot) capacity for reliable storage of vaccine vials, samples, and more while occupying a small space. Able to maintain temperature uniformity of ±5°C at -80°C, the unit features a simplified LED display screen, a quadruple gasketed outer door, two interior steel mini-doors, and produces visual and audible alarms. The compressor motor utilizes nontoxic hydrocarbon refrigerants and operates at a quiet 47 dB(A) while maximizing energy efficiency. The unit can store up to 28 COVID-19 vaccine boxes, or 5460 vials, and comes with a 3-year parts and labor warranty in the United States and Canada.

StableTemp Upright ULT Freezers from Cole-Parmer Essentials, an Antylia Scientific company

The Cole-Parmer StableTemp 20.4 cubic foot upright ULT freezers are designed to meet cold storage needs to -86°C. The cabinet uses high-performance insulation panels that improve temperature stability, and separate inner storage chambers have their own insulated doors. These provide independent access to storage space, minimizing frost buildup inside the chambers and ensuring protection of stored samples. The outer door seal’s unique design allows for minimal loss of temperature while the door is open and a robust latch keeps the door securely closed.

A microprocessor controller is simple to use with push-button control and has an operation status display that is easy to read. Large LEDs show the internal temperature, set temperature, ambient temperature, and input voltage for a quick view of operation parameters. The controller allows the user to set a password, delay starting, and set a high and low temperature alarm. Audible and visual alarms notify high and low temperatures, power failures, sensor errors, and alerts such as clean-filter, door ajar, hot condenser, and high ambient temperature.

Mini Rooms from Norlake, Inc

Norlake Scientific Mini Rooms provide a stable, controlled temperature environment that is designed to be installed quickly and easily. Available in a wide range of standard sizes, they are designed for general-purpose cold storage in many different applications.

Standard features include a deadbolt locking handle for security and a high-output LED light positioned above the door to prevent interference with shelving or stored items. Mini Room sizes range from 4’ x 6’ to 8’ x 14’ and in heights of 6’7” and 7’7” with floor and 7’4” without floor. Available in temperatures of +4°C cooler and -20°C freezer, they offer a 15-year panel warranty.

Mini Room coolers and freezers are matched with a Norlake Capsule Pak refrigeration system consisting of a condensing unit and evaporator coil contained in a single housing for simple and rapid installation. All models are factory assembled, wired, charged, tested, and fully equipped for easy insertion into a factory prepared ceiling opening.

Premium Series Ultra-Low Freezers from B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems’ Premium Series ultra-low freezers are designed for intermediate and long-term storage of biologics in hospitals and clinics. Typical applications include storage of mRNA vaccines, human and animal cell lines, bone and skin tissues, viruses, red cells, and biological materials, which require long-term storage at temperatures ranging from -86°C to -20°C with set point specificity to 0.1°C compliant refrigerants.

Designated and approved as Class II Medical Devices, these space-efficient, upright freezers are ergonomically designed for style and ease of function while providing high performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. The series is available in five upright models that operate on high-performance refrigeration platforms, utilizing natural refrigerants, and are EPA SNAP compliant. Each model includes redundancy and integrated safeguards, including a comprehensive °B Connected remote-monitoring and alarm system that warns the user against temperature deviations and power failures.

American Biotech Supply Premier Countertop Controlled Auto Defrost Freezer from Horizon Scientific, a Standex Company

Premier Freestanding Countertop Freezers feature a microprocessor temperature controller and display, allowing for precise temperature control, verification, and recovery. Samples and supplies are protected with a series of audible and visual alarms. These models include a temperature monitoring device that complies with current CDC guidelines and includes a 3-year certificate of calibration. The unit’s proprietary Controlled Auto Defrost technology provides the convenience of an auto-defrost design while ensuring that products remain at consistent and stable temperatures below 5°F (-15°C).

The units are UL listed and include a 2-year parts and labor warranty plus an additional 3-year compressor parts warranty. They utilize environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants (not containing hydrofluorocarbons), helping to reduce global warming potential while meeting new EPA/SNAP mandates and UL and ASHRAE compliance guidelines.


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