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June 2022 - Vol.11 No. 6 - Page #1

Having reached the midpoint of 2022, the staff of MedicalLab Management has noticed an appreciable uptick in participation with the various resources made available by MLM —including our recent webinar on making the most of PT results (available at medlabmag.com/webinars) and our Short Cuts newsletter—as well as an increased willingness to contribute success stories to your peers. As we continue to dig out from under the morass of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you help us help you by signing up or renewing your subscription to MLM today.

We want to reiterate that these numerous MLM resources for medical laboratory practitioners are free of charge. Our expanding offerings of valuable and easy-to-digest articles, tips pieces, webinars, workflow charts, and more continue to benefit practicing laboratorians such as yourselves.

For us to continue offering these great resources, we simply need 1 to 2 minutes of your time. Once you verify your contact information, we can ensure that you continue to receive relevant and essential laboratory practice improvement information. Please visit medlabmag.com/subscribe and confirm your contact information today.

Furthermore, we heartily encourage you to consider working with our editors on an article detailing process improvement projects that have been successful in your laboratories, as it is likely your success story will inspire and inform the projects of your colleagues. Please visit medlabmag.com/publish-with-us to review the basic process.

We have seen amazing work from your laboratory colleagues in the last 2 plus years and we know you will continue to be on the vanguard in improving the quality of health care for all. As always, working together to raise the quality and efficiency of laboratory practice is the right approach and there is no success too small to amplify and share.

With kind regards,

David McCormick

Managing Editor


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