Buyer's Guide: Centrifuges

June 2022 - Vol.11 No. 6 - Page #14
Category: Centrifuges

MagFuge from Health Care Logistics

MagFuge from Health Care Logistics is a combination high-speed centrifuge and magnetic stirrer. With a compact design that helps accommodate labs with height restrictions or limited space, the system offers multifunction capabilities, enabling users to centrifuge various tube sizes in a single unit. Multiple stirring modes also are available, and both speed and time can be adjusted. Rotor magnets ensure strong coupling and are designed to reduce the risk of spinouts, even after long periods of continuous use. The motor remains cool to preserve sample quality and the unit’s low noise level helps reduce distractions in the lab. MagFuge comes with two silicone mats to help prevent spills and keep the unit stable.

SERO 12 from Drucker Diagnostics

The SERO 12 centrifuge from Drucker Diagnostics facilitates high-quality blood grouping, typing, cross matching, and more. The system is compatible with rotors from the discontinued Sero-Fuge and arrives ready to run with a standard 12-place swing-out rotor and a 2-year warranty. Users may simply drop in and spin, with no individual handling necessary. With a maximum speed of 1,040 xg/3,550 RPM, the system is designed, built, and supported in the USA.

DASH 6 from Cardinal Health

The DASH 6 benchtop STAT centrifuge from Cardinal Health is designed to improve turnaround time (TAT) for STAT samples. Delivering a maximum RCF of 4,000 x g (5,300 rpm), the system fits well in accessioning areas and can be used in an array to cut down on wait times and help shorten overall TAT. As it runs, an LED lid light provides the cycle status at a glance: off when ready to use, on when running, and flashing when done. This visual indicator helps reduce forgotten tubes, given common noise levels in busy labs. The centrifuge also has an easy-to-use interface with three pre-programmed settings to meet varying STAT lab needs. If desired, the presets can be customized to the lab’s validated settings.

Silencer MACH-H12 from Global Focus (GFMD)

The MACH-H12 from Global Focus (GFMD) is a versatile, 12-place horizontal benchtop centrifuge that allows the user to program up to 3 custom presets or utilize the digital display to customize run speed and time as needed. The optional end-of-run light will silently alert the user to an available unit that is ready to use, the end of a sample run, or in the event of an error. The centrifuge can spin up to 12 tubes at once, ranging from pediatric samples to 10 mL without requiring the user to change the rotor. The rotor and tube holders allow samples to be loaded vertically and then swing out to spin horizontally, and the unit has a transparent lid. At maximum speed, the noise level is 58 dBA.

Medifuge from Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Medifuge small benchtop centrifuge from Thermo Fisher Scientific enables labs to quickly perform routine clinical separations with its DualSpin rotor, featuring a 2-in-1 hybrid design. Compact in size, users may alternate between fixed angle and swinging buckets using the same rotor. Four customizable programs allow laboratorians to quickly run routine protocols, and three selectable deceleration profiles, including brake-off option, are designed to help optimize separations.

ROTANTA 460 | 460 R | 460 RF from Hettich Instruments

At a 4-liter capacity per run, the Hettich ROTANTA 460, ROTANTA 460 R, and ROTANTA 460 RF are versatile general-purpose centrifuges that can process samples for a variety of applications. The line’s Versa-Rotor supports high-volume, high-capacity processing of tubes, plates, bottles, flasks, and pediatric blood bags, with the same swing-out rotor. The ROTANTA 460 accommodates a high-speed plate rotor that reaches an RCF of 6,446 and is available as an air-ventilated or refrigerated benchtop centrifuge, or a floor model to help save bench space. The ROTANTA 460 RF floor model offers the appropriate height for loading and unloading samples. All centrifuges offer a large capacity, a range of accessories, and application versatility, along with a 5-year warranty.

Frontier FC5916 from OHAUS CORPORATION

The OHAUS Frontier FC5916 is a high-capacity general purpose centrifuge that offers multiple rotor options, including a wide range of swing-out and fixed angle rotors and accessories that enable quick rotation between applications. The 4 x 750 mL swing-out rotor is designed for high-throughput labs as it can accommodate up to 108 x 5/7mL blood collection tubes. Adapters are also available to spin 84 x 10 mL and 72 x 15 mL round bottom tubes. Setup is simplified with a single-handed control knob, and a large LCD display allows users to view preset and actual values. The memory can be set for 99 programs; users may select up to ten acceleration and ten deceleration rates to protect delicate samples. Safety attributes include imbalance detection and cut-off, motor driven lid lock, and automatic rotor identification with overspeed sensing to protect the user.

DASH Flex 12 from Drucker Diagnostics

The DASH Flex 12 tabletop centrifuge from Drucker Diagnostics enables labs to monitor cycle status down to the second and modify settings on the fly using the digital display and timer. LED lid lights indicate cycle status at a glance (off when ready, on when running, and flashing when done) to drive down TAT in labs of any size. Users may program and save up to 10 custom time, RPM, and g-force settings, or choose from three presets for common STAT settings. Rotor, universal tube holders, and 2-year warranty included (the rotor is covered by a lifetime warranty). The maximum speed is 4,000 xg/5,200 RPM.

Sorvall ST 8 and Megafuge 8 from Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Sorvall ST 8 and Megafuge 8 small benchtop centrifuge series are designed to meet clinical protocol needs, offering both ventilated and refrigerated models. Featuring increased capacity within a compact design, the systems include a simple interface and can run up to 24 x 5/7 mL blood tubes at a time in a swinging bucket configuration. The centrifuges are equipped with Auto-Lock rotor exchange technology as well as Thermo’s ClickSeal biocontainment lids.

UNIVERSAL 320 | 320 R from Hettich Instruments

The UNIVERSAL 320 | 320 R benchtop centrifuge occupies 15.5 inches of bench space, with or without refrigeration. Capable of spinning various standard tubes, plates, cytology clips, and bottles (up to 200 mL), the centrifuge aims to offer all-in-one capability; the UNIVERSAL 320 can accommodate multiple applications, including cytology, in the same centrifuge.

APEX 12 from Medline Industries, Inc

The APEX 12 from Medline is a set and lock STAT centrifuge designed to help minimize lab errors, reduce TAT, and streamline training. The system aims to reduce forgotten samples with LED lid lighting that indicates when the centrifuge is ready to load (off), running (on), or done (flashing). Lights continue flashing until the lid is opened.

The two-button interface allows users to select a preset or program custom validated STAT cycles. A centrifuge array can be used in accessioning to help eliminate queuing and reduce wait times. The DASH Apex 12 operates with a brushless motor and reinforced carbon fiber components and has a clear, shatterproof lid, which locks until the centrifuge has stopped completely. Each centrifuge comes ready to run with a horizontal rotor, universal tube holders, and 2-year warranty. The patented swing-out horizontal rotor design incorporates a unique test tube holder that produces ideal horizontally separated samples.

Frontier FC5706 from OHAUS CORPORATION

The OHAUS Frontier FC5706 is a compact centrifuge designed for clinical applications, with an option for a 12 x 15 mL fixed angle rotor, which can accommodate 15 mL round or conical bottom tubes as well as standard 5 mL, 7 mL, and 10 mL blood collection tubes when using adapters. Other rotors include a 6 x 50 mL fixed angle rotor and 6 x 5 mL swing-out rotor. The speed can be set between 200 and 6,000 RPM with a maximum g force of 4,427 x g.

With an easy-to-turn control knob, large LCD display, and the capabilities to set and view speed in RPM and g-force, users can expect accurate results and enhanced functionality with simple operation. The Frontier 5706’s safety attributes include sturdy mechanical lid lock and a rotor imbalance sensor that stops the centrifuge if the rotors become imbalanced or if sudden shock occurs, protecting the operator from injury.

Silencer STEALTH from Global Focus (GFMD)

The Silencer STEALTH from Global Focus (GFMD) is a mid-sized, four-bucket horizontal benchtop centrifuge. Users may program up to three custom presets or utilize the digital display to customize the run speed and time as needed. The optional end-of-run light will silently alert the user to an available unit that is ready to use, the end of a sample run, or in the event of an error.

The unit comes with four buckets and four inserts, with two insert sizes to choose from: one size holds seven 10 mL tubes, and the other insert holds ten tubes of the 5/7 mL size. The user may choose all one size or a combination of each. The centrifuge can spin up to 40 tubes at once, and the rotor and inserts allow samples to be loaded vertically and then swing out to spin horizontally. The unit has a transparent lid, and at maximum speed, the noise level is 58 dBA.


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