Urinalysis Analyzers Buyer’s Guide

July 2022 - Vol.11 No. 7 - Page #16
Category: Urinalysis Analyzers

Urinalysis analyzers are heavily used in clinical laboratories of all sizes. These systems have seen substantial growth in range and capability in the last few years, and improvements in automation integration and methodology expansion are ongoing. Working in concert with additional technologies, such as mass spectrometry for rapid pathogen identification or flow cytometry for improved interpretations, urinalysis analyzers and related chemistry platforms will continue to play a key role in the competitive laboratory environment.

UN-Series Automated Urinalysis Solution from Sysmex Corporation

The Sysmex UN-Series Automated Urinalysis Solution delivers urine chemistry strip testing, particle analysis by flow cytometry, and digital particle imaging in one configurable line. The system allows for reduced manual microscopy, enabling laboratory professionals to focus on other tasks. With its integrated quality control management system, scalability, and walk-away functionality, a variety of solutions are available to meet the needs of any laboratory.

As part of Sysmex’s offerings, the Siemens CLINITEK Novus automated urine chemistry analyzer combines dry-pad urine chemistry technology and a cassette test format. The Sysmex UF-5000 fully automated urine particle analyzer provides proven fluorescence flow technology for accurate results and flagging, and the UD-10 digital imaging device allows automatic review of abnormal samples. The Urinalysis Data Manager (UDM) with BeyondCare Quality Monitor for Urinalysis enables laboratories to better manage quality data and proactively monitor the health and accuracy of the lab’s analyzers.

DxU Iris Workcell from Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

The scalable DxU Iris Urinalysis Workcell from Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is designed to deliver accurate and standardized results for improved workflow. The DxU Iris 840 Workcell and DxU Iris 850 Workcell pair the Beckman Coulter Iris DxUm Digital Flow Morphology system and the ARKRAY AUTION MAX AX-4030 into a scalable solution that processes up to 70 samples per hour (DxU Iris 840) or up to 101 samples per hour (DxU Iris 850). Both workcells combine urine chemistry and microscopy into a fully automated, walk-away solution designed to be easy to use and maintain.

Once urine chemistry tests are completed on a workcell, the urine microscopy analyzer uses proprietary digital flow morphology technology with auto particle recognition (APR) software that evaluates particles by size, shape, contrast, and texture. This software enables the analyzer to auto-classify 12 particles and sub-classify 27 particles, reducing the need for manual microscopic reviews. With on-screen results verification and edit-free release technology, laboratorians can help improve turnaround time, maximize productivity, and auto-release results based on user-defined parameters.


The AUTION MAX AX-4030 from ARKRAY is an automated urine chemistry analyzer that offers an enhanced design. As a second generation analyzer, the system aims to provide reliable results with minimal downtime. It can help optimize workflow with uninterrupted operation, as users can load the rack, press start, and walk away. Up to 400 AUTION test strips can be loaded, with a throughput of up to 225 tests an hour (STAT capabilities included). Results offer sensitivity and specificity, clinically significant reporting ranges, a color compensation pad designed to improve accuracy, and an abnormal color detection notifies the user of potential false positive reactions. The analyzer offers easy-to-load strips with no calibration required, an LCD user interface with built-in printer, and minimal maintenance (less than 5 minutes daily).

Urinalysis Analyzer from Cardinal Health

The Cardinal Health Urinalysis Analyzer is a CLIA-waived, semi-automatic touchscreen urine analyzer offering standardized results by removing subjectivity in color interpretation. The analyzer results in 90 seconds under routine test mode but also offers a quick test mode feature that results in 6 seconds. Quick mode saves time when testing multiple samples, allowing for a testing capacity of 360 tests per hour. The analyzer automatically calculates the albumin-to-creatinine ratio, which is essential for detection of early chronic kidney disease.

The system reads the Cardinal Health UA10SGL, UA8SGL, UA10ACR, and UA2ACR urine test strips. Calibration results are stored to facilitate switching between strip types. The Cardinal Health 2ACR and 10ACR strips are designed for monitoring diabetic and kidney health. The 10ACR read by the analyzer achieves maximum reimbursement for a single strip under 3 distinct CPT codes: microalbumin, creatinine, and general urinalysis.

Features of the analyzer include a lightweight, compact design, LIS compatibility, a full duplex communication interface, a high speed internal or external printer, and a 2000-test memory.


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