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July 2022 - Vol.11 No. 7 - Page #6

Amidst the changes and adjustments health systems have experienced in the past 2 years, product development and technological advancements continue to emerge with the ultimate goal of innovating workflow and increasing efficiency in the laboratory. Given the many current challenges, exacerbated by staffing shortages, the benefits of leveraging new products, automation, and technology to accomplish short- and long-term goals have become salient. Considering this, MedicalLab Management has compiled a sampling of notable new developments that will be on display at this year’s AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, taking place July 24 to 28 in Chicago.

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Testing Swabs from Puritan Medical Products

Puritan’s HydraFlock and PurFlock Ultra flocked swabs feature unique fiber structures to provide improved specimen collection and elution properties. With multi-length fibers, PurFlock Ultra is engineered for maximum cell yield, even when only a small amount of sample is available. HydraFlock is designed with floret-shaped fibers to increase surface area for greater absorption. Puritan flocked swabs are recommended for clinical settings as well as sensitive diagnostic testing.


  • AACC booth #: 221

Specific Glycated Albumin TestKit from EKF Diagnostics

The FDA-cleared Lucica Glycated Albumin-L test kit is manufactured by Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation and sold in the US by EKF Diagnostics. This quantitative test for glycated albumin is designed to assist in the intermediate-term monitoring of glycemic control in patients with diabetes. Lucica is a standardized enzymatic methodology for use on compatible clinical chemistry analyzers with open channel capability, the purpose of which is to make the system accurate and cost-effective to operate. It determines both glycated albumin and total albumin in separate reactions with results expressed as a ratio (percentage), minimizing differences in albumin concentrations between patients.

  • AACC Booth #: 3637

Multistep C. difficile Test from TECHLAB, Inc

The TECHLAB C. DIFF QUIK CHEK COMPLETE assay is a multistep C. difficile algorithm packaged in a single test. This rapid membrane enzyme immunoassay uses a patented upflow technology to deliver a clear background and a strong signal. The test provides two results—GDH and toxin—in one workflow.


  • AACC Booth #: 1162

Benchtop Analyzer from DiaSorin

The DiaSorin LIAISON family is growing to accommodate laboratories with different experiences and needs; the new LIAISON XS benchtop analyzer offers low-to-medium volume specialty testing capacity for any laboratory setting. As a random access, fully automated system, it delivers up to 85 results per hour with a walk-away of 170 tests. The system’s capacity for 10 reagent integrals and 48 samples supports continuous loading with a unique menu including gastrointestinal testing, QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus, and PCT, among others. The LIAISON XS leverages DiaSorin’s universal reagent integral format for standardization across all LIAISON systems, with the goal of delivering consistent, reliable results.

  • AACC Booth #: 3602

False-Bottom Tube for CSF from Sarstedt

Sarstedt’s new false-bottom tube features an elevated conical base that lifts cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to a more optimal height for automated analysis. The CSF false-bottom tube is a low bind polypropylene tube that was developed and validated for Roche, specifically for use with the new generation of Elecsys immunoassays designed to detect Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers on the cobas e system analyzers. The tubes’ proprietary composition allows for optimal recovery of Alzheimer’s biomarkers and are manufactured from medical-grade polypropylene according to stringent dimensional standards. HDPE screw caps (leak-resistant at 95 kPa pressure) enable secure transport, storage, and freezing.


  • AACC Booth #: 3608

Biosafety Cabinet from NuAire Laboratory Equipment

The LabGard ES (Energy Saver) AIR Model NU-543 Class II, Type A2 biosafety cabinet from NuAire offers economical operation, utilizing an ultra-high efficiency DC ECM motor to limit energy consumption and larger exhaust filters to extend filter load capacity. This model also offers versatility, with available accessories and access openings of up to 12 inches (305 mm). The FlowGard central control system utilizes a single airflow sensor with dual-thermistor IntelliFlow probes to monitor and display the airflow speed in real time.

  • AACC Booth #: 3750

Urinary Antigen Test from Hardy Diagnostics

The Immuview P & L rapid test from Hardy Diagnostics allows the lab to detect two major causes of pneumonia in one simple urine sample. Immuview S. pneumoniae and Legionella pneumophila is a urinary antigen test capable of identifying both Streptococcus pneumoniae and Legionella pneumophila simultaneously within one test. Because S. pneumoniae is a leading cause of community-acquired pneumonia and Legionella pneumophila can lead to hospital and ICU admissions, the test is designed to provide quick, accurate, and easy diagnosis. Patients suffering from either disease present symptoms that are difficult to tell apart; however, the treatments are different.

  • AACC booth #: 5022

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry System from bioMérieux

The VITEK MS PRIME from bioMérieux is a next generation MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry system that leverages microbiology expertise to deliver robust workflow enhancements and speed of sample analysis. Designed to allow for faster time-to-result, the instrument operates with a goal of promoting a positive impact on patient outcomes. Users may maximize productivity and workflow efficiency with this benchtop system, as it seamlessly can integrate into the laboratory with a space-saving design and onboard PC monitor. Further, the system offers continuous load-and-go of slides with a 16 slide capacity, including fast-track slide prioritization.

  • AACC booth #: 3613

Release Automation System from Indigo BioAutomation

ARQ from Indigo BioAutomation is an automated solution for processing, reviewing, and reporting qPCR and rtPCR results for molecular laboratories. Proprietary data processing leads to identified target results, which are then evaluated against a suite of quality rules. Results are prioritized and visualized with a focus on relevant information for review tasks. The system is designed to reduce the technical and regulatory challenges of manual review, helping labs deliver certified results as quickly as possible. ARQ can interoperate with a wide variety of manufacturer instrumentation, and the LIS-oriented report formats and styles are designed to accelerate result release.

  • AACC booth #: 3518


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