September 2021

New & Noteworthy

Pre-analytical Sorting Instrument

The Sarstedt BL 1200 Sort Connect is a pre-analytical accessioning and sorting instrument that can be connected to integrated systems or analyzer lines.... Read more

Automated ELISA System

Dynex Agility is a fully integrated automated ELISA system that delivers high throughput with continuous plate loading flexibility for routine microplate... Read more

Virtual Safety Training Course

Dan the Lab Safety Man presents a new virtual training course designed for laboratory professionals. A series of eight 60-minute webinars aims to help... Read more

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Thermo Fisher Scientific presents the TSX Series Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers, which can provide laboratories with safeguards to deliver environmentally... Read more

Diabetes Quality Control

Bio-Rad Laboratories announces the InteliQ Diabetes Control, an addition to the InteliQ family of load-and-go liquid quality controls designed for ease... Read more

Revenue Cycle Management Software

LigoLab’s integrated software infrastructure features no-touch auto-billing, which laboratories can use to automatically send claims after receiving... Read more

Lyme Disease Assay

QIAGEN announces the launch of the LIAISON LymeDetect, a new diagnostic assay presented in partnership with DiaSorin, for the detection and early diagnosis... Read more

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