December 2022

New & Noteworthy
Academy for Lab Safety Excellence

Dan the Lab Safety Man presents a new virtual training course designed to help laboratory professionals on their safety success journey. The series of... Read more

Assay for Bleeding Disorder

Siemens Healthineers announces that its INNOVANCE VWF Ac assay is now available for use on its BCS XP System, as well as on the Sysmex CS-2500 and CS-5100... Read more

Handheld Hemoglobin Analyzer

EKF Diagnostics announces the enhanced DiaSpect Tm, a lightweight, handheld hemoglobin analyzer that now connects securely to EKF Link, EKF’s point-of-care... Read more

Benchtop Centrifuge

The SECURE-Spin connectivity features for the Thermo Scientific General Purpose Centrifuge platform enable greater user access control and data management... Read more

3D Microscopy Stitching Platform

Motic Scientific and Abemis Micro have collaborated to release the PA53 Hscope Platform, which is designed to provide a fast, flexible 3D microscopy stitching... Read more

Pipette Starter Kit

The all-in-one Pipette Starter Kit from Health Care Logistics is designed for laboratories of all sizes and types for continuous operations without unnecessary... Read more

LIS Platform

NovoPath 360 is designed to bridge the gap between pathologists and oncologists by providing an enhanced, SaaS-based LIS platform that enables diagnostic... Read more

Clinical Decision Support Partnership

BrightInsight and bioMérieux have partnered to develop a clinical digital solution for diagnostics, enabling clinical decision support for disease... Read more

Automated Monitoring Company Milestone

Rees Scientific announces its 40th anniversary. The continuous automated monitoring company extends gratitude to its customers, attributing strong client... Read more

Modular Lab Furniture

UniLine Furniture from Hemco includes base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base tables, mobile work stations, specialty storage... Read more

Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

The MVE Variƍ Series freezer offers an energy-efficient alternative for ultra-low temperature cryogenic storage. The dry sample storage area maintains... Read more

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