December 2023

New & Noteworthy
HPV Testing on Molecular System

The US FDA has approved the Roche cobas HPV test for use on next generation cobas 5800 molecular instruments. This approval increases access to HPV testing... Read more

Automated ELISA System

DYNEX Technologies presents the Agility Integra, a fully automated ELISA system designed to deliver speed, precision, and flexibility. As a high-throughput... Read more

Blood Collection Set

The Vacuette Evoprotect Safety Blood Collection Set from Greiner Bio-One is designed to be safe and user- and patient-friendly. Featuring a semi-automatic... Read more

Vented Hood Tabletop Workstation

HEMCO’s vented hood tabletop workstation is designed for use in histology, microbiology processing, and venting applications. The workstation also... Read more

Refrigeration Series

The TSG Series refrigerators from Thermo Fisher Scientific are designed to help ensure the safe and effective storage of critical supplies and samples... Read more

Hepatitis C Proficiency Testing Program

WSLH Proficiency Testing introduces the Hepatitis C-waived proficiency testing program, new for 2024. This program is compatible with waived methods including... Read more

Sterile Reagent Reservoirs

Sterile Reagent Reservoirs from Health Care Logistics are designed with easy-to-read graduations for improved accuracy while testing samples in the lab.... Read more

Pipetting Capability for Automation System

The Phase Separator is a new pipetting capability for the air flexible channel arm on Tecan’s Fluent Automation Workstation. This tool addresses... Read more

Expanded Cardiac Controls

Bio-Rad Laboratories announces the expanded compatibility of its cardiac control, Cardiac Advance, to now include Beckman-Coulter instruments. Designed... Read more

Laboratory Information System

Altera Lab is a laboratory information system (LIS) that supports laboratory business models, including hospital, reference, or hybrid labs, as well as... Read more

Collaboration for NGS Workflow

Revvity and Element Biosciences—a developer of the AVITI System, a genomic sequencing platform—announce a collaboration to introduce workflow... Read more

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