July 2023

New & Noteworthy
Refrigeration Manufacturer Acquisition

Helmer Scientific has been acquired by Trane Technologies, a move that aims to broaden Trane’s capabilities in precision temperature control and... Read more

Immunoassay Analyzer

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics announces the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer, which can run up to 215 tests per hour per square meter. The analyzer’s... Read more

Automated Specimen Collection

ProTube from Inpeco is a compact automation and traceability solution designed to mitigate pre-pre-analytical errors. With an intuitive user interface,... Read more

POC Respiratory Panel

bioMérieux offers the multiplex PCR-based BIOFIRE SPOTFIRE Respiratory Panel Mini. The new panel is designed to deliver speed and accuracy, detecting... Read more

Laboratory Furniture

Erlab has been providing exposure control solutions to protect lab workers for over 50 years. Its products are designed with the safety of the breathing... Read more

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

PHC Corporation of North America announces that the PHCbi brand VIP ECO SMART ultra-low temperature freezer has been awarded the Outstanding New Product... Read more

Lab Staffing System

Workforce Optimization from hc1 aims to ease the burden of understaffing in the lab. The solution is designed to identify problems and project future demands... Read more

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