August 2023

New & Noteworthy
Temperature Monitoring System

The AeroScout Links cloud-based platform from Securitas Healthcare utilizes select T15 tags to help simplify temperature monitoring of all products, including... Read more

Automated Cell Counter

DeNovix CellDrop automated cell counters help eliminate the use of plastic slides and hemocytometers from cell counting processes, enabling the lab to... Read more

Animal Free Enzymes

Worthington Animal Free (AF) enzymes for pre-clinical and bioprocessing applications are produced under IS09001 certified GMP guidelines. These products... Read more

Automated Hemostasis System

Stago announces its Max Generation3 family of coagulation analyzers, including the STA R Max3 and STA Compact Max3. The analyzers deliver a combination... Read more

Buccal Swab DNA Kit

BioEcho Life Sciences, a biotechnology company specializing in rapid and sustainable nucleic acid extraction products, announces the EchoLUTION Buccal... Read more

Next Generation Cardiac Control

Bio-Rad Laboratories announces the launch of a new cardiac control product, Cardiac Advance. Designed to monitor the precision of instrument testing for... Read more

Sample Cups for Chemistry Analyzers

Multi-purpose sample cups from Cardinal Health are designed for use on a variety of analyzers in chemistry laboratories. The sample cups are made to exact... Read more

Web Portal Now Supports Insurance Eligibility

TestDirectly, LigoLab Information Systems’ web portal, now supports insurance discovery and insurance eligibility checks. This newly added auto-check... Read more

Controlled Temperature Rooms

Norlake Scientific’s Mini Room controlled temperature rooms provide a stable environment that is easy to install and, depending on size, can be assembled... Read more

Ductless Hoods

CleanAire II Ductless Hoods are designed to meet DH I requirements as defined by SEFA 9. The hood’s superstructure is constructed of chemical and... Read more

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