April 2024

New & Noteworthy
LIS Monitoring Mobile App

Data Innovations announces its updated LIS and instrument monitoring system—Lab GPS v2.1—featuring a new mobile app to enable IS and instrument... Read more

Mini Digital Incubator

The MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator, Heat and Cool, from Health Care Logistics is a two-in-one unit that is designed to provide flexibility for culturing... Read more

Digital Cytology System for Cervical Cancer Screening

The Genius Digital Diagnostics System from Hologic is a digital cytology system for cervical cancer screening that has received US FDA clearance. The system... Read more

Hematology Analyzer

The Medonic M-series hematology analyzer from Boule offers advanced functions for physician office laboratories as well as small- and medium-sized clinical... Read more

Image Cytometry System

The Cellaca PLX image cytometry system from Revvity utilizes matrix analysis software and dedicated reagents and consumables to provide a benchtop solution... Read more

Inspection Management System

MediaLab’s InspectionProof helps laboratory teams prepare for virtual, hybrid, onsite, and self-inspections. With this inspection readiness and accreditation... Read more

Modular Lab Furniture Systems

HEMCO’s UniLine laboratory furniture offerings include base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base tables, and peg boards. The... Read more

Pathology-Focused LIS

Orchard Software’s newest pathology-focused laboratory information system, Orchard Enterprise Pathology, is web-based and designed to enable pathology... Read more

Flow Cytometry System

The REM-I platform from Deepcell integrates label-free imaging, flow cytometry, and AI. Its high-resolution brightfield imaging captures cellular morphology... Read more

Laboratory Staffing Services

Conexus MedStaff, a healthcare recruitment and staffing services provider, specializes in hiring international medical laboratory scientists and nurses... Read more

Automated Assay to Assess Tumor Progression

Thermo Fisher Scientific announces US FDA clearance of the Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S CgA II KRYPTOR immunoassay.... Read more

Hematology Analyzer

The BC-3600 from Mindray is a three-part differential hematology analyzer featuring closed tube sampling via a single push button. Requiring a minimal... Read more

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