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September-October 2013
Volume: 2 Number: 5
Articles: 5

pg. 1
Focusing on Quality Drives Optimism
pg. 2
Avert Liability Risk for EHR Donations
pg. 6
No Time for Quality? Reasons to Reevaluate and Reinvest in a Lab Quality Program
pg. 12
Automating Positive Patient Identification
pg. 16
Up Close: A Look at Clinical Microscopy
New & Noteworthy

ALCOR introduces iSED, a fully automated ESR analyzer that can provide results in 20 seconds using a 100-microliter sample. The analyzer uses no disposables ... read more

AUDIT MicroControls announces a new addition to their line of calibration verification and linearity products, the Linearity FD General Chemistry Beckman ... read more

Kewaunee announces the introduction of its DetectAir filtered fume hoods, developed in partnership with AirClean Systems. DetectAir uses filtered fume ... read more

Streck introduces CD-Chex CD117, a flow cytometry control for CD117 that eliminates the need for laboratories to hold and validate patient samples for ... read more

Thermo Fisher Scientific announces its Sorvall LYNX super speed centrifuge series. The centrifuge features 100,000 x g top speed performance and supports ... read more

Randox announces the FDA has approved the Acusera Immunoassay Specialty 1 control for use in US laboratories. The control is an assayed quality control ... read more

The PVS 1625 from Sarstedt is a modular laboratory automation system for pre- and post-analytical processing. Independent from an analytical platform, ... read more

Akro-Mils introduces the TiltView Stack Cart, a mobile storage and transport solution for small laboratory products and supplies that incorporates the ... read more

CueSee Online from Eurotrol is an interactive, Web-based tool used to compare quality control data of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests with peers by using ... read more

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar announce the new EL-GFX-1 Graphic Temperature Data Logger, a portable, standalone data logger that features highly visible LEDs, ... read more

AP-Visions announces the release of its xLAB LIS software, a cost-effective solution for laboratory data management needs in small hospitals and physician ... read more

i.Series and Horizon Series undercounter refrigerators and freezers from Helmer Scientific are available in ADA compatible models designed to fit under ... read more

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